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Christ Our Lord
Christ our Lord

Prayers To The Healer of Cancer, Mother of God
Written by Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
November 2008

Introduction by Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes: Many individuals have requested prayers for themselves and their family members, or their relatives, or dear friends who have cancer.

During these times of this illness, nothing is so important then to offer prayer, and to join with others in assurance of these prayers, which truly gives the individual strength, and above all hope, and at the same time comfort to those who know the individual who is ill with cancer, or any illness.

I would like to share with you two prayers that are offered to the Mother of God the Theotokos, and in particular to the holy icon of the Mother of God which is called: "Pantanassa." The Queen of All.

These two prayers are taken from a new Orthodox prayer book called: Akathist to the Mother of God "Healer of Cancer." Printed by the St. Paisius Serbian Orthodox Monastery in Safford, Arizona, and published this Akathist in the year 2002.

It would be spiritually rewarding for anyone to obtain this Akathist service, and to offer further humble prayer for those who are suffering with cancer. This Akathist is truly comforting for the members of a family and for friends who know someone who has cancer, since this at the same time is very comforting for the individual who has this illness.

Prayer does help, as it truly gives the family and the individual strength and hope. By offering these prayers too we begin to realize that God Himself does work miracles of healing, and make us new; but also that we may bear this newness, which can only but give us spiritual renewal of God and deal with this suffering with peace, as God Himself wills for us. For with prayer, and with a deep humbled faith and with hope in our Lord God we find great healing.

When if an operation happens for the cancer patient, we must offer prayers to our Lord God and the Mother of God, as well as all the saints, to protect the hands of those who do the operation, since the physician of our souls works hand in hand with the physician of our bodies, as well as the Mother of God and the saints. Everyone comes from Paradise and attends the operation. These prayers should be in our hearts too for those who are about to have such an operation, as since our prayers give the patient and individual great strength and peace.

The support and prayers of the family, relatives, and friends, as well as ones local parish priest helps a great deal, as well as the members of ones parish community all joining together as one family in prayer.

Finally we must know that since faith at this time is important we should consider spiritually to be both fearless that since both faith and fearlessness can surely help in the process of overcoming this ailment of cancer, since attidude of the individual is very important. Our Lord God is with us all the time, and even during our most difficult times of any illness, and the Mother of God too is near who offers great intercessions, as well as the prayers of the saints.

It always comes down to our love and prayers for the individual who might be suffering or having a hard time with the illness of cancer, but our love and our support gives great strength, hope and as well as comfort.

To obtain this prayer book note this information at the end of these prayers, and one can also by obtaining this prayer book learn more about the miraculous Icon of the Mother of God, "Pantanassa."

St. Nektarios of Aegina is also known to offer humble prayer for those who have cancer, and many miracles have taken place on his behalf. Let us as well pray to St. Nektarios since so many miracles have happened on behalf of this beloved saint of our Orthodox Church. Miracles happen!

Then again after this ailment offers cure, we too should never forget to offer humbled thanks to our Lord God, and to the Mother of God, as well as to the saints. From recovery, we should as well as do something good for someone else, either by helping the poor and needy, but also offer further support to others who need this encouragement and understanding of the plight one faced earlier that hope always is at our door, and that with faith in God we can find peace with ourselves.

May our Gracious Lord God watch over those who are ill with cancer or with any illness, and may the All-Gracious Mother of God, the Pantanassa, hear your supplicatory prayers too, as well as His saints.

Glory to Thee O Lord, Glory to Thee!

Most holy Mother of God, save us!

Humbly In Christ Our Lord,
+Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
Who prays for you and with you!
Boise, Idaho

Dismissal Hymn -Troparion- Sung in Tone 4

Do Thou, O Sovereign Lady, by Thy joy-bestowing honorable Icon "Queen of All," saves those who with fervent desire implore Thy grace; deliver from afflictions those who run to Thee; from all dangers do Thou guard Thy flock, who ever calls upon Thine intercession.

First Prayer to the Mother of God

O All-Gracious, most wondrous Mother of God, Pantanassa, Queen of All! I am not worthy that Thou shouldst enter under my roof! But as Thou art the lovingly compassionate Mother of the merciful God, say the word that my soul may be healed and my weakened body strengthened. For Thou hast unconquerable might, and all Thy speech hath power, O Queen of All! Do Thou gain the victory for me, do Thou supplicate for me - that I may glorify Thy most glorious name, always, now and ever, and unto endless ages. Amen.

Second Prayer to the Mother of God

O Most-Pure Mother of God, O Queen of All! Hearken unto our much-afflicted sighing before Thy miraculous Icon, brought to Russia from the land of Athos. Look upon Thy children, suffering from unhealed ailments, who fall down before Thy holy image with faith! As a bird covers its nestlings with its wings, so do Thou now, who art ever present, cover us with Thy greatly healing omophorion. In that place where Hope be.

There where bitter sorrows overcome us, there will Patience and Rest be revealed. Where the torment of despair dwells in the soul, there will shine the ineffable Light of Divinity! Console the fainthearted, strengthen the weak, bestow softening and enlightenment upon embittered hearts. Heal Thine ailing people, O All-merciful Queen! Bless the minds and hands of our physicians, that they might serve as instruments of the All-powerful Physician, Christ our Saviour. We pray before Thine Icon, that Thou mightest truly live with us, O Sovereign Lady! Stretch out Thy hands, filled with healing and cures, O Joy of the sorrowful, Consolation in afflictions, that having speedily received miraculous help, wee may glorify the Life-creating and Undivided Trinity, the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Source: Akathist to the Mother of God "Healer of Cancer", St. Paisius Serbian Orthodox Monastery, Safford, Arizona. 2002. Pp. 30-32.

Note: The meaning of the Great Omophorion. The "great omophorion" (or pall, outer stole) is worn above the sakkos and symbolizing the lost sheep that is found and thrown over the shoulders of the shepherd, since the bishop typifies Christ. This garb is replaced by the "small omophorion" during the Gospel reading, a symbolical gesture that Christ Himself is present and speaking at the moment. Another meaning of the omophorion is that it represents the Holy Trinity.

To obtain the prayer book: Akathist to the Mother of God "Healer of Cancer" write to the following address and send a donation of $3.95 plus 15% for P. & H:

St. Paisius Serbian Orthodox Monastery
P.O. Box 1075
Safford, Arizona 85548

Rejoice, O Queen of All, who dost heal our infirmities by Thy grace

Holy St. Nektarios, pray to God for us!


Humbly in Christ our Lord,
+Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
Who prays for you and with you!