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Father Demetrios Serfes
   Fr. Demetrios Serfes

O Lord Jesus Christ,
Son Of GOD,
Have Mercy,
Upon Me,
A Sinner!

"The Jesus Prayer"
Also known as
"The Prayer of the Heart"

Spiritual Nourishment
Spiritual Nourishment For The Soul November 1998

Icon of Christ our Lord (Decani Monastery, 16th Century)
Icon of Christ our Lord
(Decani Monastery, 16th Century)
The Road To Eternal Life

Compiled by
Father Demetrios Serfes

According to Orthodox Christian teaching, our eternal salvation is conditioned by the following spiritual factors:
  1. Pure disposition of the heart for salvation.
  2. Faith in the one and only true God - Father, Son, and Holy Spirit - the Maker and Creator of all things, visible and invisible.
  3. Faith in the redeeming work of Jesus Christ, the Theanthropos means "God-man", and in the continuation of His work by the Holy Spirit through the Orthodox Church.
  4. Study of the Word of God (Holy Scriptures) through which we obtain knowledge about the will of God as revealed in the Gospel Law, and by which we learn to observe and to apply His will in everyday life.
  5. Repentance, which involves investigating and appraising ourselves relative to the law of God, with the intention of coming to true self knowledge and the intention to change our hearts.
  6. Spiritual regeneration through the Mystery of Baptism in water and in Spirit.
  7. Confession and frequent reception of the Holy Eucharist, according to the commandment of the Lord, which is reflected in the teaching of the Apostles, the Church, the Synodical Canons, and Holy Tradition.  These Mysteries obtain for us the remission of sins, and they nourish regenerated soul for its strengthening and reinforcement to accomplish good.

We also require heedfulness and continuous vigilance to lead a true Christian life, which is only lived with the help of divine grace, through the avoidance of sin and evil, and by the practice of good works according to our capabilities and the will of God.

The faithful Christian is delivered and saved from Satan and eternal hades through remembering the divine Passion, and by recollection of death and the temporary nature and corruptibility of worldly things. In contrast to these, the Christian looks forward to the incorruptibility and eternity of heavenly things, and hopes to dwell in the heavenly city in which righteousness dwells whose Building and Maker is God.

Therefore, the true child of God should reject and repel all vile and wicked thoughts, all impassioned desires, and all transgressions of the Gospel Law.  He should also avoid foul conversation, immoral theater, as well as deeds and places of degeneracy all of which corrupt good morals.  Instead, he should pursue good fellowship and association with true Christians who pray in the same spirit.

Help us, save us, and keep us by Thy grace.

May our Gracious God preserve you and Bless you on your path towards salvation.

In The Love of Christ Our Lord,
+ Rev. Presbyter Demetrios Serfes
Who Prays For You & With You!

Glory Be To God For All Things!