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Icon of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Icon of Our Lord Jesus Christ

Jesus is seeking you; Jesus has found you!
by Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
Boise, Idaho, USA
May 2006

The time has come for us to realize that Jesus is seeking us all, and that He can find us when we love one another, and taking care of each other in our needs. Listen! The voice of our Lord Jesus Christ is clearly calling us, and His voice speaks to us in tones of love. He loves us, our family, and our neighbor. It is a wonderful voice, an unmistakable voice, the unique voice of Jesus -Savior, King and Friend.

Are you surprised that Jesus is seeking you? Don't be afraid! The voice of Jesus is not that of a dead man, but of the One Who has risen from the dead. Here we have Jesus our Lord and true God seeking and calling to you within your heart, in the depths of your own inner being. The words written and read from the New Testament today issue out of those depths within you, and yet may be unknown to you

It is possible that many of us have failed to look into our Bibles to discover these words written on our behalf, and for our salvation - the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ in the books of the New Testament. What prevent us? Could it be that our attitude to others - family, neighbors - is wrong, and we have become unkind, uncharitable, having a critical spirit. If this is so, we thus prevent our Lord Jesus from entering into the depths of our hearts. Sadly, at times we often fail to see the face of an angel, not realizing we are an angel! If this was never told to you before, Jesus is telling you now, and His testimony is true, for no one has ever caught Him in a lie, nor was there ever any falsehood in His mouth.

What do most of us know about Christ? That He is the way and the truth for us all, and that He, the Christ, is willing to share with us the truth that can set us free. We also know that our Lord taught us "Love your enemies, bless those who curse you, and pray for those who despitefully use you and persecute you" (St. Matthew 5:44).

Many of us have heard these words and we know they come from the teachings of our Lord Jesus Christ and are in the New Testament. The best way for us to deal with the pressures of everyday living and have a fuller, transformed life is to seek the face and the voice of Jesus, and begin to know Him, because His desire is to fill our hearts with the knowledge of His love. All of us need to open our ears and listen to the call of Jesus, the call of His Church. Outside of the Church you will discover we can easily become too judgmental and that we are prisoners of the way the world thinks and acts - a world full of sadness and pain, violence and greed - a world where our precious souls can be irrevocably destroyed. Christ our Lord knows our pains and He sees those who are even now at their hour of destruction. He cares about us during these difficult times in our lives, and He is willing to help us, guide us, and keep us by His grace.

Many of us have been told we have descended from the apes, and perhaps we can even be trained; but in contrast to this view, we can discover something truly magnificent in our lives - the wonder that we are the temple of God: the Spirit of God dwells in us. We are of course not apes, but the creation of our Lord and true God. Each of us has the dignity of unique human life - something that apes don't have and can never achieve. We believe and know deep within us that we are the temple in which God dwells.

Jesus is calling all of us to purity. We must not forget the meaning of the word "innocence", and we must listen to this call for us to follow Him with love. Therefore make haste to go to Church, the Church of the living Christ! Then we will understand what innocence and purity means, what meekness and love are. Finally we will learn our unique place in this life and the purpose of our own special existence. Then again we can also begin to learn - may with astonishment - that our life does not end in death, but in resurrection; that existence centers on Christ and in Christ our Lord, and that this world is not a mere empty moment in which non-being prevails. At last we will have hope. And hope will make us strong, and will not disappoint us. We will receive faith, possess faith in our hearts, and find that our faith will save us. We will receive love, and our love will make us good.

Jesus cares about you and Jesus is seeking you; Jesus has found you!

May Christ our True God bless you with His Right Hand!

Humbly In Christ Our Lord,

Peace to your soul!

Who prays for you!

+Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
Who prays for you and with you!