Father Demetrios Serfes - Spiritual Nourishment : March 2000
Are We At Peace With Christ Our Lord?
by Father Demetrios Serfes
Boise, ID USA.

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Accounts of the life of Sister Barbara, and the events leading to her martyrdom - Martyrdom Of Sister Barbara.
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Icon of Jesus
by Mr. Jameel Abraham,
Mt Sinai Orthodox Church

Peace be unto your soul!

Are we at peace with Christ our Lord Jesus Christ? Have we humbly sought this inner peace with our Lord? Are we so busy with the world that we forget Christ our Lord, and His loving Church. What can we do to behold the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ? Keeping all of this in mind are we aware that Holy Great Lent in the Holy Orthodox Church begins on the 13th of March, and the Glorious celebration of our Lord's Holy Resurrection this year is on the 30th of April.

What will we really do during this Holy Great Lenten period as the Holy Orthodox Church helps us find this peace, or rather this inner peace with Christ our Lord? Shall we get on with life and forget the Christ is calling us to pray, to fast, and to offer loving repentance? Finally to seek the inner peace with our Lord Jesus Christ.

By the Grace and the Love of our Lord God, He sometimes sends us moments in which we are utterly and mystically at peace with Him. These great spiritual moments are for ourselves to realize Christ our Lord desires to be with us in peace. Everything thereafter becomes clear, holy, and sacred. Nothing is so uplifting for the whole mind, heart, and soul, then the inner peace of Christ our Lord in our lives. Nothing is so profound and beautiful in this life, and on this earth then to be at peace in the perfection of Christ our Lord. We ourselves are not so perfect in our human nature, but we find true perfection and true holiness in our Gracious Lord Jesus Christ. Peace comes to us inwardly when we struggle, pray, pray, and pray. Pray for the forgiveness of our sins, and pray that our Lord God will guide us on the path towards our salvation and sharing with us His inner peace. This in itself for all us takes our whole life time. Let us then begin!

We have a spiritual opportunity during Holy Great Lent to share with Christ our Lord His peace. Now we must tell ourselves it truly shall be, as well as can be, a Holy and a Great Lent for us all spiritually.

May the peace and the love of Christ our Lord be with you during this Holy Great Lent.

I humbly close with these words: Forgive Me! Forgive me if I ever offended or hurt anyone.

God Forgives!

Read and live the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and you will find Him.

Peace be unto your soul!

Humbly With The Love And Peace Of Christ Our Lord,

+ Reverend Presbyter Demetrios Serfes
Who prays for you and with you!
1 March 2000


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