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June 1999 Monthly Spiritual Nourishment 

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This Web Site Is In Loving Memory Of The First Priest Martyred In Yugoslavia On May 31, 1999 The Reverend Father Milivoje Ciric & The Seventeen Year Old Sanja Milenkovic, As Well As The Others Killed At The Juzanja Morava River
Prayer For All The Greatly Suffering Souls of Yugoslavia & Kosovo
Written by Rev. Presbyter Demetrios Serfes
Boise, Idaho U.S.A.
31 May 1999
On The Feast Of The Holy Spirit

I would like to humbly share this prayer, which I have written today, with you and perhaps also with others, on behalf of all those who are suffering and struggling in Yugoslavia and in Kosovo, putting ourselves in their place and trying to feel what they are experiencing, pray with me I humbly ask you all pious God loving souls:

In The Name Of The Father, The Son, And The Holy Spirit:
Let Us Pray To The Lord!

Lord, Have Mercy!

WE THY SERVANTS, O my Lord and Loving God, earnestly cry on the floor in prostration in prayer. My peace, and my hope, we piously and humbly turn to Thee with tearful words from the depths of our hearts, and cry out to Thee for Thy Blessings and Thy Love and kindness at this time and in these hours of horrific suffering.

We humbly also appeal in this same loving prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos, to be to all that hunger, both "Joy" and "Hope"!

Send down upon all our suffering souls protection and guidance, and Thy peace.

Listen we beseech Thee My Lord, to this pious plea for all who are without shelter, without food, or medical assistance. May we be sheltered with the love and kindness of others.

Strengthen our suffering souls through the prayers of Thy beloved saints O Lord, comfort them with Thy Right Hand.

Help us to learn what is peace, help us to learn that we need to assist all who are in desperation in this war where the road to peace and good will among all men seems lost. We humbly cry out for nourishment, for an offering of some water, perhaps a piece of bread, and not once a day or every day but whenever we need them... Fill our helpers too with Thy love and tender kindness as they reach out, seeing our tears and feeling our hunger!

As Thou O Lord, has fed the five thousand men, women, and children, with bread and fish, feed us with our outstretched hands Thy nourishment. Listen to our plea unto Thee O Gracious Lord. See I am without a home, and without warmth for myself, my wife, and my children.

My parents, my relatives, and my friends are also constantly suffering and struggling around me by the hour. Help others to learn the needs of our sufferings, and help them to share with a us a piece of bread and a piece of fish. Inspire others to look deep down in their loving hearts for us who need a warm blanket, some fire wood, some clothes, and some kindness. Where are my brothers, and where are my sisters in my hour of great suffering? Where are my friends in these times of horrific war? Where is my neighbor?

In Thee O Lord I humbly trust, and in Thee O Lord I have hope! In Thee O Lord I trust as I gaze deep down into my soul, and heart. To Thy loving saints I cry out - pray for us!

I also, most humbly O Lord thank the gracious souls I do not know but piously remember us in prayer. They have wanted to help me, and continue at this hour. I thank the gracious kind hands, O My Savior, of those that handed me some food, and assisted me and my family, and my suffering friends, and I humbly pray for all good souls. I also thank My Lord all those that are praying for us and love us, and care for us!

I thank all the loving people who have opened their doors for us when other doors where shut, pious monks of Thy Church, and Thy beloved friends of Thy Church in our loving land, and in other lands around the world, I thank you all who came to me at the hour of my needs, and the needs of my family, and my precious neighbor. Every soul and every person in our beloved land is precious to us! To all the good souls that had to escape and leave us behind due to this horrific times, protect all my Lord and my God. We piously cry out to all please pray for us and with us! Amen.

Through the prayers of Thy Holy Fathers, O Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy upon us and save us! Amen.

Once again I humbly ask you to please share this prayer with all loving kind Christian souls, asking them to join with me in this plea of prayer, and this hope of joy, and in helping to realize the need for further concern for the greatly suffering souls in Yugoslavia and in Kosovo. Help please support the many charities and organizations that are sending food and assistance for all the refugees and all of the suffering souls in these lands. The Eastern Orthodox Church in America too has the following charitable organizations you can perhaps help: The I.O.C.C. (International Orthodox Christian Charities), and the Decani Monastery Relief Fund In Kosovo. If your interested in helping either of these charitable organizations please email me.

Thank You All God Loving Christian Souls!

Peace be unto your soul and may our Lord God strengthen you and all who are greatly suffering!

Your Friend In Christ Our True God,
+ Reverend Presbyter Demetrios Serfes
Who Prays For You And With You!
May 31, 1999

Content written and/or compiled by Father Demetrios Serfes.