Father Demetrios Serfes - Spiritual Nourishment for the Soul - July 2001  

Tears Of The Soul
by Reverend Presbyter Demetrios Serfes
Boise, Idaho
July 1 2001

Icon Of Lord Jesus Christ
Icon Of Lord Jesus Christ

"Where poverty of spirit is perceived, there is also the sorrow that is full of joy"
- St. Symeon the New Theologian.

Beloved In Christ Our Lord,

Peace be unto your soul, and may the loving grace of Our Lord God be with you always!

The pain of a lost of either a family member, relative, or even a dear friend, often brings us to tears, so many tears that the soul is watered heavily. We of course have the right to weep when we have lost someone so dear to us, but the Holy Orthodox Church teaches us that after the 40th day of repose of a loving one, we must learn to wipe these tears away, and recognize in joy the belief that Christ Our Lord teaches us about Resurrection for all souls! Upon the repose of a dear one we need to not only offer prayer, but also to wipe away these heavy tears, and recognize the Master of our life Jesus Christ. Notice too when we do weep in tears, and our souls suffer from this heavy burden the soul itself then becomes most meek, and has no anger, as the tears of ones soul takes away the temper.

Often in tears one becomes humbled within ones soul and so merciful as well as compassionate, that the heart itself becomes pure and as has been promised, as we are then comforted by Our Lord God who hears our tears from our soul and heart. "Blessed are the pure in heart". The glory of Our Lord God comes clear to us, and our spiritual need to stay close to Him, when sorrow comes our way we behold His love which surrounds us, and we at the same time should too recognize Him with the same love! Peace at last for the tearful soul no longer watered by any more tears!

All of us can endure when we ourselves have a deep faith, hope and love for Our Gracious God, and believing we are only far more blessed from His love! The love of Our God is indeed everyday of our lives, and even when we fall asleep in the Lord, His love continues onward, -unto the ages of ages.

This is why we as Christians must live a God-pleasing life while we are on this earth, and desire spiritually not to bring any dishonor to our souls, but to guard ourselves always in Christ and for Christ Our Lord, and above all to love one another in life, and remember to pray for those who have fallen asleep in the Lord with love!

Remember well God loves you, let us love Him too!

No more tears, or sufferings, but life everlasting!

May the joy and the peace of Our Lord God be with you always!

Humbly In Christ Our Lord,
+Reverend Presbyter Demetrios Serfes
Who prays for you and for you!
July 2001

Content written/compiled by Father Demetrios Serfes.
(c)2001 Father Demetrios Serfes