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Icon Of The Mother Of God Of The Sign
Weeping Holy Icon Of The Panagia -Theotokos- Paranythia, from Monastery of Eliakon, near Kykko, Cyprus

Mother Of God, The Theotokos, Weeps In Cyprus
by Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
Boise, Idaho, USA
January 2001

A Blessed Spiritually rewarding New Year to you and yours!

God Grant You Many Years! Chronia Polla! Many Years!

Two icons are presently weeping in Cyprus, as the above icon has been weeping for some time now, and this particular Holy Icon is called the "Panagia -Theotokos-Paranythia, which is located at the Greek Orthodox Monastery of Eliakon, near Kykko, Cyprus. This particular Holy Icon of the Mother of God continues to weep today.

Most Holy Mother Of God, Save Us!

Presently another Holy Icon of the Mother of God is also weeping in Cyprus which is located near Limassol in the mountain village of Arakapas, and has been weeping since 25 December 2000. Many of us at this time have not yet seen a copy of this icon weeping which is in the village of Arakapas. The parish priest, Father Dimitrios Panayiotou, has informed others that currently this Holy Icon of the Mother of God is weeping in Cyprus. I myself have been informed about this Holy Icon as of 29 December 2000.

Perhaps to many of us we wonder why is the Mother of God weeping in Cyprus, as well as many other parts of the world currently. She is weeping in New York, Chicago , Texas and Michigan. These Icons have been weeping for many years now, as well as even appearing throughout Egypt today. Then we have a Holy Icon of the Mother of God that has been weeping in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Then again another Holy Icon of the Mother of God is opening and closing her eyes, as well as weeping currently in Jerusalem, next to the Holy Great Church of the Resurrection. I myself witnessed this Holy Icon on two occasions, when I made a pilgrimage to the Holy Land several years ago. This Holy Icon of the Mother continues to weep in Jerusalem. This particular Holy Icon began weeping in Jerusalem more then ten years ago when a child was killed, and since the turmoil continues now throughout the area of the Holy Lands.

We also have several icons of the Mother of God that are myrrheam, with fragrance so abundant that healings continue until this day, such as the Mother of God of Kursk, and the Joy Of All Who Sorrow. Then we have Holy Icons of St. Nicholas, the Archbishop of Myra and Lycia that are myrrheaming in America. Also not to humbly forget that a Holy Icon of Tsar Martyr Nicholas II had myrrheamed not too long before the Royal Martyrs Tsar Nicholas & Family Holy Canonization which took place on August 19-20 in Moscow, Russia. We also have a Holy Icon of St. Irene of Chysovalantou weeping in Astoria, New York. This particular icon wept on the day the war started in Iraq and in the Persian Gulf within that same hour, and continues to weep until this very hour!

Other Holy Icons throughout the world continue to weep: the Mother of God, and the saints of the Church. Keep in mind piously that normally we seldom had ever noticed a Holy Icon of Our Lord Jesus Christ weep, however for the first time in the history of the Holy Orthodox Church, we discover that the Christ-Child is weeping in Cyprus, posted at the top of the page.

Why are we finding these holy icons weeping today? All anyone has to do today is to listen to the local and national news of the day. Then again all we have to do is notice what is happening to us as a people, and how we treat one another on a daily basis. And then again all we have to do is wonder why children are killing children? Then we also have to note sadly enough the increase of abortions taking place not only in America, but around the world. We find parents abandon their own children, and ask them to leave their homes, and get on with their own lives. We have an increase of drugs among not only the youth, but at every age today! Drugs are out of control! Crime slips by us, and we act as if it never happened!

We have many who begin to question the existence of God, and cannot understand who we are, and where we are going. We bring further confusion, and turn to religions that are quite contrary to the actual teachings of Christ our Lord and His Church of the Holy Apostles, the Saints, the Holy Prophets, and Holy Martyrs, as well as the Holy Fathers of the Church

We deny miracles, and we deny the lives of the saints, and their martyrdom. We say St. Nicholas never existed. We take Holy Scriptures, and the teachings of the Church, as something that is for our own reasoning, rather then the truth which was taught to us in the first place. We create religion, rather than following that which was taught to us in the first place. We forget that Jesus Christ Himself came into the world to save us and help us on the path towards our salvation. We are not interested in repentance, as we have already repented in public, but cannot realize that daily we can sin! We forget the teachings of the Holy Apostles, and hardly know anything about them or their lives. We forget the Holy Fathers of the Church and interpret the Church and it's teachings on our own.

We approve of war and say we must bomb, and we must kill every soul in it's way, no matter if they are children, men, or women! Then we turn our hearts and heads away from those who suffered from these wars and destruction, and do not care less if they continue to suffer and struggle! We deny that Churches and Monasteries were bombed, as the idea is not important to us, since we ourselves have turned away from God and His Church in the first place! We cannot believe this ever happened! The media as well hides in the dark failing to report the truth, or thinks it's not that important!

We report that religion is on the increase, and yet we fail to act as true loving Christians every day of our lives. We find means and ways to destroy love, and have no hope. And we forget to pray. We hardly care to pray as we get so busy with the world around us. We become totally a part of the world, and fail to realize that we need be to good and faithful God loving Christians, to constantly seek the Kingdom of Our Lord God Who created us! We find ourselves only loving ourselves, rather than loving and caring about others. We speak of peace and good will among all men only at the time of Christmas, and forget afterwards that our own brothers and sisters are hungry and cold, without proper shelter. We have an abundance of homeless everywhere, and we deny they exist in our city, and are shameful they even have this hardship! So we remember to feed them and care about them only at the times of Thanksgiving and Christmas. The homeless men, women, and children also have to eat like we do everyday. We then accuse the homeless as though they did it, yes they did it ... they are to blame .... but are they to blame?

Now we ask why is the Mother of God weeping, and seems to be appearing everywhere, and why is the Christ Child weeping, and why are the Saints weeping too?

We truly know the answer, and we must begin to make changes spiritually in our lives. Do not neglect this resolution. Let us now think about it with a good loving Christian heart, and realize that our Lord God loves us, and that His Saints and the Mother of God cry for us to get back on the road towards our repentance and loving kindness for one another. Let us resolve to love not only Our Lord God, but also each other, as then we truly behold God, and then, as well, we behold the true meaning of the Vision of Our God, and His Beauty! We have now found true joy, and true peace!

May you and yours be ever Blessed by Our Lord God throughout the New Years and the ages to come.

Be ever so faithful to Christ Our Lord, and be His witness!

God Grant You Many Years! And Good Health!

Most Holy Mother Of God, Save Us!

Your Ever-Memorable Friend In Christ Our Lord,

+Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
Who loves you and prays for you!
Holy Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Saints Constantine & Helen Greek Orthodox Church
Boise, Idaho