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August 1999 Monthly Spiritual Nourishment 

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Spiritual Nourishment For The Soul, August 1999

Icon Of The Guardian Angel (Holy Transfiguration Monastery)
Icon Of The Guardian Angel
(Holy Transfiguration Monastery)
"On The Upbringing Of Children As Pious Orthodox Christians"
Written by Father Demetrios Serfes
Boise, Idaho U.S.A.
August 1 1999

"Let the little children come unto Me"
( St. Mark 10:14)

Dear Beloved Parents and Children,

Peace be unto your souls!  May the grace and the love of our Lord God be with you all!

As Orthodox Christian parents it's necessary that piety is important in the lives of your most beloved children.  Never in the history of mankind has there been such a plethora of advice available to parents on how to raise their children. These materials however do not always offer the spiritual Orthodox Christian's perspective.  We discover spiritually that there is precious little available to help parents prepare the child to become a citizen of heaven.  But what other goal of child raising can even take a close second to this paramount objective?

It was not that long ago that pious parents raised their children to become Saints, to serve God in this world and the next.  The changes of any society sometimes neglects to realize the lives of their own children, constant battles are heard about funding for local schools, and programs available within any community has become neglected as of late. Nothing is so important then the concern of education for the children in your local school, but also the education at Sunday School. Salvation for your beloved children is important for all pious Orthodox Christians as this is one of the main purposes of any parent to prepare your loving children for their salvation.

Now that School should soon begin in September for all children, it's truly important that your beloved children also attend Sunday School at your local parish, and to encourage Orthodox instructions for the youth of your parish.  At the same time to bring your children with you when you go to services on Sunday, as well as other week day services.

Pray with you children at home, and encourage one another to read Holy Scripture and the lives of the Saints while you are at home. Bring your children to your local parish Church and to take Holy Communion.  Learn that it's important as your children grow older to fast on Wednesday, and Friday.  Speak to your local parish priest to guide you along towards your path in your salvation for not only yourself, but even your most precious children.

Times are changing, but what has not changed for sure spiritually is that our Lord God loves you and your beloved children. Let the little children come unto Me, forbid them not, for of such is the Kingdom of God  (St. Mark 10:14).  In this age - old struggle with the passions, the world, and the fallen spirits.  We must still strive to train our own and our children's souls to the high ideal of holiness given us by Christ our Lord. "Come, children, hearken unto me, I teach you the fear of the Lord, Who is the man who desires life?  Who loves to see good days? Stop thy tongue from evil and thy lips should not speak falsely.  Keep thyself from evil and do good deeds.  Seek pace and follow after it.  The eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears towards their prayers..." (Eph. 6:4; Ps. 33:11-15).

The emphasis throughout the parents' responsibility to lead an active Christian spiritual life, as children learn more by example than by precept. In order to aid you as parents who struggle to raise their children for God and heaven, I would spiritually suggest you obtain the book: On The Upbringing Of Children, written by Bishop Irenaius, a bishop of the Russian city of Ykaterinburg, in 1901.

You can write for this outstanding spiritually rewarding book from:

St. Xenia Skete,
P.O. Box 260,
Wildwood, CALIFORNIA 96076-0260,
The cost of this book is $4.00 plus postage and handling.

May our Lord God of mercies, have mercy on you as parents and your most precious children, as well as upon your home, and in His great goodness, pour out His abundant grace over all children.

With The Love Of Christ Our Lord,
+ Reverend Presbyter Demetrios Serfes
Who prays for you and with you!
August 1999

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