Father Demetrios Serfes - Spiritual Nourishment for the Soul - April 2001
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Icon Of The Resurrection Of Our Lord Jesus Christ
Icon Of The Resurrection Of
Our Lord Jesus Christ

Do You Have A Holy Paschal Candle?
by Father Demetrios Serfes
Boise, Idaho, USA
April, 2001

"The Light Of Christ Illumines All"
From: The Divine Liturgy of the Presanctified (Gifts)

On April 15th we in the Holy Orthodox Church with great spiritual joy will all celebrate the Glorious Holy Resurrection of Our Lord God and Savior Jesus Christ.

Do you have a Paschal candle for this service?

All of us shall rush to the church the night before to attend the hours, then the Matins service, as well as the Paschal Divine Liturgy, and receive the light of Christ, which proclaims His Resurrection, so Glorious, and such a blessed event for us all in our lives as Orthodox Christians to get the light of Christ. Think about the fact if you where in the holy land, and got the light from the Church of the Resurrection, would you humbly share it with others? Shall we be able to get the Holy Fire, and what if for the first time in our lives or any generation that the holy fire does not appear, but it shall appear, as it has since the hour of our Lord's Holy Resurrection! Out of great love for us all Christ shares and give us the light! Do you have a Paschal candle?

After we all get the light of Christ what shall we do with this light? Shall we forget that Christ is the light that truly can shine in our lives and in the world? A pious custom among Orthodox Christians is to take this light home and light our vigil lights with the holy fire we get from our beloved church, and to also take this light of Christ to the cemetery for the faithful who have reposed in the Lord.

Do you have a Paschal candle to proclaim this Glorious spiritual event at your parish? Will you be able to make a loving donation for this candle, and hold it up high in the joyous exclamation that "Christ Is Risen", and the response is "Truly He Is Risen!"

Some poor souls cannot even get a candle for this Blessed night, as many of our own brothers and sisters in Christ Our Lord who live in Kosovo, are in fear of their lives, and cannot even obtain a candle to proclaim Our Lord's Holy Glorious Resurrection. Where shall these Christians get a Paschal Candle? More then one hundred and six Serbian Orthodox Churches and Sacred Monasteries in Kosovo after the war have been destroyed! Where shall these loving souls proclaim our Lord's Glorious Resurrection, or even get a Paschal candle? Let us humbly not forget others desire the light of Christ.

Can we please humbly share the light of Christ with others, and to attest we have not forgotten them, and desire to give the true Christian light to those who are crying and are hungry, and who are cold, and are perishing at this hour.

Have we ever noticed that we still have many who are suffering and still need our God loving help, and assistance especially still in Kosovo, as well as an abundant amount of children have become orphan as of late in Africa! Who shall give these suffering children in Africa the light of Christ Our Lord?

When we humbly raise our Paschal candle this year, let us indeed raise it for those who are still suffering, and struggling, as well as desire to behold the light of Christ with the same joyous Paschal candle! Think about also the current turmoil in the Holy Land -Jerusalem- shall the faithful be able to get the Holy Fire this year, where peace and good will among all men is in total dismay! Raise the Paschal Candle for your most beloved children, raise it for your parents, and raise it for your neighbor, as well as raise it for all who desire to behold the light of Christ Our Lord and cannot get the holy fire on this blessed night! Raise your Paschal candle also for the newly departed and for the living who are ill. Raise the Paschal candle for the Holy Land, and for those in Kosovo, and also for the much suffering children in Africa! Finally let us raise our Paschal candle for peace and good will among all men, and that this light of Christ does illumine all!

Let us indeed humbly raise our Paschal candle for those who need to share in the same light of Christ Our Lord, and not too ever forget that this light of Christ can indeed be shared by us all with great Christian love!

Let the light of Christ Our Lord indeed shine in our lives, and in the world that seems to be turning in a different direction away from it's children, and away from true concern for the unborn, as well as the living elderly who seem so alone as of late! Think when we raise this Paschal candle that we can indeed never be in darkness that seems to be spreading about as of late, but that the light of Christ Our Lord can come back into our lives and into the world once again! Raise your Paschal candle with great spiritual joy, and in knowing Christ Our Lord has overcome death out of love for us all!

Now we have a Paschal candle, not just a candle, but a candle that is truly the light of Christ which can be a joyous light for us all! Raise your Paschal candle with love, share it with others, and in prayer, as well as with confession: Christ Is Risen! Raise it humbly and joyfully! Indeed He Is Risen!

May the great light of Christ Our Lord Shine in your hearts today and always!

A Blessed spiritually rewarding Holy Glorious Resurrection, -truly a Great and Holy Pascha!

Indeed He Is Risen!

Humbly In Christ Our Lord,
+Rev. Presbyter Demetrios Serfes
Who prays for you and for you!
April 2001

Content written/compiled by Father Demetrios Serfes.
(c)2001 Father Demetrios Serfes