Father Demetrios Serfes - Spiritual Nourishment : April 2000
The Children Of Christ's Holy Resurrection
by Father Demetrios Serfes
Boise, ID USA.

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Without a doubt on during the very early hours of July 17, 1918, all of the Imperial Romanov Family where martyred, along with their friends. No one survived that fateful night. Although the truth is bitter, it's the truth. - Remembering Anna Anderson.
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Icon Of The Resurrection
(Dormition Skete. Denver, Colorado)

Beloved In Christ Our Lord.

The Eastern Orthodox Church and it's faithful children are preparing our Lord's Holy Glorious Resurrection, which will be celebrated this year on April 30th.

As we humbly prepare the rest of the period of Holy Great Lent and reach the midnite hour of our Lord's Holy Resurrection, let us piously understand Christ our Lord died for in the body so that death may not have any power over us, and may no longer be considered as a punishment for us but as a way and means to the Resurrection and life everlasting. Christ our loving Lord gave us a second birth by His Resurrection, so we became as the Holy Scipture says, 'children of the Resurrection' i.e. children over whom death has no sovereignty. "But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, no are given in marriage; Neither can they die any more; for the are equal unto the angels; and are the children of God, being the children of the reusurrection." (St. Luke 20:35-36). From this it is clear how Christ our Lord became the second Adam by whose death and resurrection from the dead, we were born again to everlasting life.

Through the Holy Mystery of Baptism we are reborn spiritually through his living body by water and the Holy Spirit. Christ has given this great importance, especially after His Resurrection as we see at the end of every Gospel - because when we are reborn through Christ's living body, we are instantly transformed into the children of the Living God - Children of the Resurrection - Children of the cross, the blood and the empty grave over whom death will have no power.

Then finally we fully participate in the Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord Jesus Christ when we partake of His most precious body and blood -Holy Communion. Through the Holy Eucharist, we receive the Resurrection as a power that flows in our soul giving it spiritual energy, light, holiness, purity and everything necessary for everlasting life and the way to the heaven for all the children of the Resurrection. Every time we eat the bread of the Holy Eucharist and drink from the cup we are confirmed in Christ's Resurrection and Christ's Resurrection is confirmed in us day after day so that we may fulfill the will of the Father as children of the Resurrection. Thus, the Holy Eucharist is a nourishment for the Resurrection and an eternal remedy that cures all the ills of the children of death. It is the food of the wedding guests who are invited to eat from the Lamb in eternal bliss.

Prepare yourselves loving children at the Holy Paschal Divine Liturgy, and to partake of the precious body and blood of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. Make preparations in prayer, and in Holy Confession. Draw near to the Resurrected Christ who loves His children.

May all of us His true loving Children of our Living God, behold and taste the Glorious Resurrection of Christ our Lord with joy, and everlasting life.

Christ Is Risen!

Truly He Is Risen!

In The Love Of His Glorious Resurrection,
+ Reverend Presbyter Demetrios Serfes
Holy Pascha April 2000


Content written and/or compiled by Father Demetrios Serfes.
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