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Pray For The Suffering Innocent Ones Of Kosovo
By Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
President of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund USA
Boise, Idaho
January 22 2002

Icon Mother Of God Protecting Parents And Children.
Icon Mother Of God Protecting Parents And Children.

In the Name Of The Father, Son, And Holy Spirit!

Priest: Let us pray to the Lord.

People: Lord have mercy.

Attend to the tears of those in Kosovo who are without voice; those in pain,
those who are freezing and hungry and have no shelter from the elements.

Forgive, O Lord those who violate the graves of the faithful, laid to rest in You.
Forgive and bless O Holy One,
persecutors and adversaries of Your innocent, hungry, cold and defenseless people.

O Lord, stir to compassion, my Gracious Lord,
those who can comfort those who suffer in Kosovo this day;
the poor, maimed, abandoned,
Your cold and hungry children.

O Saviour, beloved Jesus Christ, assure these Your "littlest ones" that help is on its way!

Stir to strength in prayer intercessions for your defenseless ones.
Stir to great compassion those who willing and able to help.

As You are a Gracious God so incline Your faithful people to imitate the good Samaritan in this time of suffering for your people of Kosovo.

We, your faithful, boldly call upon You for aid,
we call down Your blessings upon our brethren in need as once again the Field of Blackbirds runs with blood of the innocent.

For You are the Prince of Peace and the Saviour of our souls and unto You do we give Glory,
to Father, Son and Holy Spirit,
now and ever and unto the ages of ages. Amen.

Through the prayers of your holy Fathers, Lord Jesus Christ our God, have mercy on us and save us.

(I would like to thank Protopresbyter Benjamin Henderson, who kindly assisted me with this prayer).

Holy New Priest-martyr Stefan,
pray to God for us!

Holy Great-martyr Tsar Lazar,
pray to God for us!

Holy St. Sava,
pray to God for us!

Glory Be To God For All Things!

Content written/compiled by Father Nektarios Serfes.
(c)2002 Father Nektarios Serfes