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   Fr. Demetrios Serfes

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Icon of Flight into Egypt
Icon of Flight into Egypt
St. Joseph with the Christ Child & Mother of God.
The Orthodox Duties of Parents and Children
by St. Tikhon of Zadonsk

Compiled By Fr. Demetrios

Introduction by Father Demetrios Serfes

In humbly presenting you "The Orthodox Duties of Parents and Children", let me tell you that St. Tikhon is a saint from Russia, he lived from 1724 to 1783. He was bishop of Voronezh in Central Russia for a brief time, from 1763 to 1767, before he retired to Zadonsk Monastery on account of ill health, where he wrote many of his works.

"DUTIES OF PARETNS AND CHILDREN", is from St. Tikhon of Zadonsk book JOURNEY TO HEAVEN, Counsels On the Particular Duties of Every Christian, by our Father Among the Saints, TIKHON OF ZADONSK, Bishop of Voronezh and Elets, and was translated by Father George D. Lardas.

This text I am humbly presenting to you has been written in Russian, as well as in Greek, and we are now blessed to to have it in English thanks to the humble priest Father George D. Lardas.

Let me first quote from what St. John of Kronstadt a well known Russian Orthodox Saint wrote in his spiritually rewarding book: MY LIFE IN CHRIST, in regards to children and parents first.

St. John of Kronstadt
Icon of St. John of Kronstadt"Do not neglect to uproot from the hearts of children the tares of sins, impure, evil and blasphemous thoughts, sinful habits, inclinations and passions; the enemy and the sinful flesh do not spare even children; the seeds of all sins are to be found in children too; show them the danger of sin on the path of life; do not hide sins from them lest through ingnorance and want of comprehension they should be confirmed in sinful habits and attachments, which grow stronger and stronger and bring forth corresponding fruits when the children grow up. St. John of Kronstadt.

Pray For Your Children, And Pray For Your Parents

I Join With You, My Prayers For You And Your Children!

Father Demetrios Serfes

This following is humbly presented in two parts:

On The Duties Of Parents
On The Duties Of Children
by St. Tikhon of Zadonsk.

Glory Be To GOD For All Things!

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