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Father Demetrios Serfes

Fr. Demetrios Serfes

O Lord Jesus Christ,
Son Of GOD,
Have Mercy,
Upon Me,
A Sinner!

"The Jesus Prayer"

Also known as "The Prayer of the Heart"

Missionary Support

Bishop Artemy & Abbot Theodosious of Deani Moanstery
Bishop Artemy
Abbot Theodosious
of Deani Moanstery
Further Update On The Donations
Of The Decani Monastery
Relief Fund

Father Demetrios Serfes
December 1998
Boise, Idaho U.S.A.

This web site is in memory of
the children of Pec:

Ivan Obradovic 15 years old,
Dragan Trifovic 17 years old,
Zoran Stanojevic 17 years old,
Svetislav Ristic 17 years old,
Vlada Loncarevic 18 years old,
Vukosav Govzdenovic 18 years old,
& Ivan Radevic 25 years old.

Memory Eternal!

Dear Loving Friends In Christ Our Lord,

Christ Is Born!  Glorify Him!

As all good loving souls behold the Holy Nativity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I pray that each of you shall indeed be blessed with His peace, with His joy, and with His love always!

As you know, an appeal has been made for the Decani Monastery in Serbia, and this appeal has become known as the "Decani Monastery Relief Fund".  Several kind and good loving souls have offered their donations towards the support of the Decani Monastery, which supports all religious people who knock on the door with various needs.  These doors have been very busy at the holy Monastery, meeting needs for shelter, food, medical assistance, and for water.

The winter months have now effected all Serbia, and it's very cold; outside the walls of the Decani Monastery we have people living in plastic tents, we have people who are very hungry, and also need further medical assistance. We have people of all religions asking for wood, and for blankets.  We have children without parents, and we have parents crying for the needs of their beloved children. It cost $150.00 along to purchase fire-wood for one family for heating throughout the winter. I cannot imagine the cost for medicine, food,  plastic for tents, or for one blanket?

All of us must reach out and care, because when we touch them they become aware that they are not forgotten, that they matter to all of us, and that our little help comes with out prayers.  It confirms to them that they exist and recognized as people. We are reaching out to all and on behalf of all, as one holy saint of the Serbian Orthodox Church named St. Vladika Nikolaj Velimirovic says in his writings: "Prayers by the Lake": "....Bless my enemies, O Lord. Even I bless them and do not curse them...  Whenever I have tried to build a home for a long and tranquil life, they have demolished it and driven me out. Truly, enemies have cut me loose from the world and have stretched out my hands to the hem of Thy garment...  Bless my enemies, O Lord.  Even I bless them and do not curse them."

It's our loving Christian duty to care for those in need, and to respond with love as well as concern for others.

God Bless the following kind souls who have made donations since my previous "Update report to you for the Decani Monastery Relief Fund".  We thank those who have cared and have made these thoughtful donations.  I send my pastoral blessing to you, and I assure you, along with the monks of Decani Monastery, that you are indeed humbly remembered in prayer.

Donations made to the Decani Monastery Relief Fund as of 15 December 1998:

1.    Brotherhood of St. John of Shanghai and San Francisco, from lunch on Sunday 15 November 1998, dedicated especially for Decani Monastery Relief Fund has received net $1,643.00
2.    Michael Rae
3.    Schala Rae
4.    Mark Potapov
5.    Lazar Jessa
6.    Nicholas Dibble
7.    Bob Vunovich
8.    Margaret Vunovich
9.    Kosara Gavrilovic
10.   Slavko Todorovich
11.   Michael Csop
12.   Harold Patrick Clifford Brown
13.   Jeffrey L. Ricketts
14.   Katherine L. Ricketts
15.   Richard Norton
16.   Carol V. Mulligan
17.   Leonid Mickle
18.   Paul Lloyd Paulson
19.   Gisela M. Paulson
20.   Ioann C. Johnson
21.   Veronica Johnson
22.   Joseph M. Smith
23.   Viselav Simic
24.   Olga Shishkevish
26.   Bogdan Miscevic
27.   Nikolaj Mursin
28.   Aleksander E. Kosyak
29.   Natalia A. Kosyak
30.   Dimitri M. Saretzky
31.   Marlene Rykoff
32.   Charles Voytan
33.   Marina Rykoff
34.   Galina Tunik-Rosniansky
35.   Rebecca Glagolewski
36.   Tamara G. Fojt
37.   Vera Garber
38.   Valentine Anan
39.   Adam J. Gootan
40.   Nonna Marincioni
41.   Rev. Father Djuro Krosnjar
42.   Rev. Father E. Anthony Tomaras
43.   Sophronia Tomaras
44.   Marko Kocic
45.   Mark C. Stokrp
46.   Betty Archer
47.   Mirko, Vnaja & Slaven Sikirica

Let us continue to please support with our love for our brothers and sisters in Kosovo, at the Holy Decani Monastery.  Let us say we love you brothers and sisters and you matter to all of us.

Please keep in mind that all donations are submitted to:
Decani Monastery Relief Fund
C/O Veljko Sikirica
5518 Massachusetts Ave.
Bethesda, MD.  20816

All donations are presented in person to Hieromonk Sava at the Decani Monastery in Kosovo, Serbia.

Two months ago I suggested to Veljko Sikirica who represents His Grace Bishop Artemije in Washington, D.C., to Veljko to set up this bank account on behalf of the Decani Monastery, and call it the "Decani Monastery Relief Fund", in which the headquarters for this fund is located in Bethesda, Maryland, (U.S.A.)  to help all refugees and all religions in the surrounding areas of the monastery who are in desperate need.  In addition all loving donations are conducted through "Decani Monastery Relief Fund", which is headed by Hieromonk Sava from the Decani Monastery, with the efforts of myself and Veljko Sikirica in America.  Father Sava is also the Secretary to His Grace Bishop Artemije of Kosovo, both will then make the decision to give to those in desperate need.

Please kindly make your donations payable: Decani Monastery Relief Fund.

Thank you for your support and donations!

Peace and good will to your souls, and thank you so much! 

With The Love Of Our New Born Savior,

Humbly Submitted by:
Reverend Presbyter Demetrios Serfes
(Boise, Idaho) AND
Veljko Sikirica  (Bethesda, MD.)
(Can also be reached at

For further information about the "Decani Monastery Relief Fund" access to:

Holy St. Sava
Pray Unto God
For us!
Glory Be To God For All Things!
Glory Be To GOD For All Things!