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Bishop Artemy & Abbot Theodosious of Deani Moanstery
Bishop Artemy
Abbot Theodosious
of Decani Moanstery

Archimandrite Theodosius, Abbot Of Decani Monastery, Sends Thanks To Benefactors For Decani Monastery Relief Fund
Compiled by Reverend Presbyter Demetrios Serfes,
President Of The Decani Monastery Relief Fund
Boise, Idaho, USA
September 29, 2000

Introduction By Father Demetrios:

Glory be to God for all things

Archimandrite Theodosius, Abbot of the Decani Monastery in Kosovo, sent a kind letter for the benefactors who have supported the Decani Monastery Relief Fund, and continue to offer support for the suffering people in this region.

This letter is heartwarming, as Father Theodosius, Father Sava, and all the Monks at the Decani Monastery, assure all God loving souls, humble assurance of prayers. What a great spiritual joy in knowing these pious monks are praying for us all, especially during their times of much hardship, and sufferings.

I would like to join Father Theodosius, and others with the same humble assurance of prayers for all of the kind souls who have made a donation for the Decani Monastery Relief Fund. We give you thanks, and we give thanks to our Lord God! Many of us cannot realize how much each of you has helped with your thoughtful donations. Men, women, and children are satisfied with a little more food, one more blanket, some more wood, and assistance for shelter, and medical follow up which so many are appealing for help at this time. Let us please not leave these suffering souls in Kosovo in the dark, and left alone to perish! O then the Children, the Children, the many Children! May our Lord God watch over the innocent children. The precious children! The loving children! The children who love all and forgive all! The children, who desire to live, and only desire peace to be at their door steps.

I now would like to present the letter written by Archimandrite Theodosius.

Serbian Monastery, September 8/26, 2000
Holy Martyrs Adrian and Natalia

Dear In Christ Father Demetrios,

In more than two years of the existence of our Decani Monastery Relief Fund we have managed to help many suffering people in Kosovo and Metohia. In this wonderful work the special place belongs primarily to you, dear Father Demetrios, because it is you who have continued throughout these months to pray, exhort and call the faithful all over the world to help the suffering in our country. And many God loving souls have indeed responded to your words of love and human compassion.

This is why I as Abbot with all my in Christ brotherhood of Decani am taking this humbly opportunity to write to you this letter in which I would like to express all our gratitude and love which we have for your God pleasing work and all you have done so far for our Monastery and the suffering people we support. From Fr. Sava we have been following your work, your beautiful writings on the Web and have recognized in your person a true brother in Christ who knows how to show sympathy for this suffering Christian soul who has taken upon himself a cross of brotherly love and serving to the needy in Kosovo despite of the health and other obligations to the spiritual flock.

Indeed, these words are weak and inadequate to express our feelings but our prayers which we offer for you and all our dear donors and benefactors make us all united in spirit of Christ's Love. The Lord said through the mouth of his beloved disciple. "By this shall all men know  that ye are my disciples, if you have love for one another" (St. John 13:35). It is precisely by these memorable words that we have come to know, mysteriously in spirit, hundreds of our new brothers and sisters who have responded to the call of the suffering. That is why in our Liturgies we regularly mention the names of our benefactors and pray to God to grant them what they need for the salvation of their souls.

We pray to the Lord to grant you strength to continue your precious work together with our dear brother Veljko Sikirica (Treasurer Secretary) and Father Sava (Vice President), for the benefit of those who depend on our support. We are also kindly asking you to multiply your holy prayers for our suffering people because dark clouds of war and destruction are still hovering above Serbia and our Church, especially in Kosovo and Montenegro.

Your Brother And Sylliturgos In Christ Lord,

Theodosius The Abbot With His In Christ Brethren

As President of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund, I would also like to thank Father Theodosius, and Monks, for this kind Christian letter, and pray our Lord God too shall reward him and protect him and his monks, and holy Decani Monastery.

Have you heard about this God loving Priestmonk Theodosius? He is the Abbot of the Decani Monastery, and right after early morning services are held at the monastery, he rushes out to his cart, and sometimes uses a car to bring provisions throughout the districts, in given food, blankets, food, and wood, for all citizens in desperate need. The monastery constantly makes sure enough food is provided for all those who come in great desperation to the monastery for some food, and even shelter, which is provided to all souls! Every soul who knocks on the doors of the monastery is helped with great Christian love, no matter who this person might be, or where he or she is from, and needs assistance.

A great light beams from the Decani Monastery in Kosovo, the light of Christ, and the love the love for all of mankind, especially all who are suffering and continue to suffer from hunger. All these souls ask for is a bowl of soup, some bread, some fruit, and a warm blanket. Afterwards these souls walk into the monastery church to pray, and give thanks to our Lord God! Why even the ill are helped, and medical follow up is assured by Father Theodosius and the monks.  I shall never forget, never, what Father Theodosius did to help a young child, who needed open heart surgery, this child did get medical attention and is doing quite well now today. Father Theodosius and the monks at the monastery have done so much more then they are capable, and because of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund, thousands upon thousands where helped, and assisted, and not only at this holy monastery, but throughout the regions of Kosovo.

Let us all indeed to continue to please support the Decani Monastery Relief with your great Christian love, and realize that before we know it, that winter shall be upon Kosovo, blankets, and wood will be needed for all men, women, and children. It's my understanding that $50.00 will provide enough of wood for a family or individual for the rest of winter. Then again we must consider that these suffering souls still need food, and shelter, as well as medical assistance.

Finally we also know well that not fifty Churches and Monasteries have been destroyed in Kosovo, since the war has ended in Kosovo, not even eighty, but now over one hundred? One hundred Sacred Serbian Orthodox Churches and Monasteries gone! The bricks and walls remain on the ground, and then another bomb is thrown again to make sure not one brick remains! Who  will help in the restoration of the Serbian Orthodox Churches and Monasteries in Kosovo? Who shall rebuild these holy places of God, when anyone appears in public, citizens are shot, and run in fear for their lives.

Serbian Orthodox priest are shot, including seminarians, as well as children?  Serbian Orthodox Christians have disappeared? We have missing people in Kosovo! Touch not my children, and leave the children to be free.

Serbian Orthodox Cemeteries are also destroyed, why even those who have reposed in the Lord, and had a proper burial Orthodox burial service, cannot even rest in peace. Those living and those reposed in the Lord suffer at this hour in Kosovo! Let those reposed in the Lord, and their bones rest in peace! Touch not my bones, and let my body be prepared for the Great Judgement seat of our Lord God!

Please God loving souls, let us continue to help with great Christian love to support the Decani Monastery Relief Fund, let us humbly together help keep the light and the love of Christ shine at the Decani Monastery in Kosovo, and throughout the whole region. All of Kosovo is crying for our help, and assistance. Let us think about the next time we walk into our Church to pray, to pray for those who are still suffering in Kosovo, and that our great Christian love and support is still needed at this very hour. We can distinguish the dark clouds with love, and concern, as well as our support.

Peace begins with love, and concern for others!

Peace also begins with understanding, and sharing ourselves with others in need!

Thank you God loving benefactors for offering your great Christian love, and concern for those suffering in Kosovo!

Peace be unto your soul!

May Out Lord God Bless You Always!

Humbly In Christ Our Lord,
+ Reverend Presbyter Demetrios Serfes
Who prays for you and with you!

September, 2000

Holy Saint Sava,
Pray Unto God,
For Us!


Content written/compiled by Father Demetrios Serfes.
(c) Father Demetrios Serfes