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Decani Monastery Relief Fund Report for March - May 2001
by Reverend Presbyter Demetrios Serfes,
Hieromonk (Priestmonk) Sava
Vice President,
Veljko Sikirica

Beloved Friends In Christ Our Lord,

May the great love and peace of our Gracious Lord God be with you always, through the prayers of St. Sava.

Once again we turn to you great loving Christians to please reach out to consider to not forget the Decani Monastery Relief Fund, and that your donations are still badly needed at this hour. Although we have noticed a great kindness of those who gave with a loving heart a donation, we can well imagine that once these funds are received our treasury becomes depleted. We call upon you to please help, and not forget those who continue to struggle and suffer at this hour in Kosovo.

Archimandrite Theodosius the Abbot of the Decani Monastery in Kosovo, and Hieromonk Sava, as well as all the fathers of the monastery continue to reach out in helping an abundance of people who still need our help and assistance.

We call upon you to be aware that the destruction of more then 106 Serbian Orthodox Churches and Sacred Monasteries within the regions of Kosovo and Metohija, have been destroyed. The Decani Monastery Relief Fund is as well very much concerned in the restoration of these holy churches and monasteries.

Then again this fund is as well very concerned about the proper shelter for all refugees, as well as nourishment to those who are hungry and need further assistance in this regards. One can only give thanks to God that the winter months are gone, and that the people of these regions are not freezing, however we an abundance of people who simply do not have the proper means to cook food, and that too many people still live in torn down homes. We still have men, women, and children who need simply food, and I am sorry to repeat myself even proper shelter. One can well imagine too about those who need further medical treatment, all due to the current conflicts throughout Kosovo and Metohija.

We would like to tell the people within these regions that we have not forgotten them, and to have hope, and never to despair, because many God loving kind souls do care and want to help.

Please humbly consider to make a donation of your choice to the Decani Monastery Relief Fund, and you can note where to send this kind donation below at the end of this report.

We at the same time must tell you that we still have an abundance of children still missing, and who have been kidnapped throughout the regions of Kosovo and Metohija after June 10, 1999! For more information, click here. The families of these beloved children are asking where are these children at this present hour? One missing child is enough, but an abundance of missing children in these regions indicated is most deplorable, and most inhumane! Why has it taken so long for us to even get this report, and why has this matter been totally neglected by the media and the press? The beloved children of these regions must be returned now today to their families!

Pray for all the children of Kosovo and Metohija, one can well imagine how they are deeply effected by the continued struggles and sufferings in these regions.

Pray that peace and good will among all men may prevail in Kosovo, and that peace only begins with love and understanding of one another, as well as our God loving concerns!

Pray for Kosovo, and with prayer we accomplish more then can be perhaps written, or even accomplished!

Thanks be to Our Lord God, we would like to now give you an up-to-date report on the Decani Monastery Relief Fund for the months of March, April, and May 2001. We certainly thank everyone!

Our treasurer Veljko Sikirica now humbly submits the following donations:

Decani Monastery Relief Contributions for March 2001 - May 2001
Contributor Name

362. Seth & Camarian Copeland
363. Mark & Cindy Alexander
364. Joe & Catherine Patzke
365. Margaret Stephens
366. Nancy & Charles Warren
367. Robert Rossi
368. Anonymous from Pittsburgh
369. Jerry & Shirley Johnson
370. Dr. Jane M.de Vyver
371. Robert Rossi
372. Eleni Pippis
373. Raouf Rhoushdy
374. Nancy & Charles Warren
375. Borislav & Vesna Tomicevic
376. Christofer & Claudine, & Justin Parks
377. Magaret Stephens
378. Jill Robinson
379. Hamilton Justiniano
380. Dimitri Dimitroulas
381. Michael P. Karcher
382. George & Chrisanty Bambalis
383. Margaret Stephens
Total for March - May 2001   $1,160.00
Previous balance as of March 1st 2001 $78,816.39
Grand Total as of June 1st 2001 : $79,976.39

With love in Christ,

Veljko Sikirica

We certainly would like to humbly thank the kind souls who made several donations to this fund during this period of time, truly a great kindness and blessing!

If you would like to help the Decani Monastery Relief Fund please send your loving donations to the following address:

Decani Monastery Relief Fund
c/o Veljko Sikirica
4 West Hill Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
If you would also like to have a tax deductible report for your donation, please click here.

May our Gracious Lord God Bless each of you! And may the loving peace of Christ Our Lord be with you always!

Peace be unto your God loving souls!

Your Faithful Friends In Christ Our Lord,

+Reverend Presbyter Demetrios Serfes
President of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund,
+Hieromonk Sava
Vice President,
Veljko Sikirica
Secretary Treasurer

If you have any questions about the Decani Monastery Relief Fund please call Reverend Presbyter Demetrios Serfes in Boise, Idaho: 208-345-6147. Please consider to call during the day time hours, and or if no answer please leave a message.

For further information about the Decani Monastery in Kosovo please visit http://www.decani.yunet.com

Holy Saint Sava,
Pray Unto God For Us!


Content written/compiled by Father Demetrios Serfes.
(c)2001 Father Demetrios Serfes