Father Demetrios Serfes - Missionary Support
Decani Monastery Relief Fund Report
March, April & May, 2000

by Reverend Presbyter Demetrios Serfes
President of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund
June 10, 2000

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The Decani Monastery Relief Fund
Established in
October 1998
Rev. Demetrios Serfes (Boise, Idaho)
Vice President:
Hieromonk Sava (Decani Monastery, Kosovo)
Secretary & Treasurer:
Veljko Sikirica (Besthesda, Maryland)
Our Patron Saint is
St. Sava of Serbia!
With the support and blessings of
  • His Holiness Patriarch Barthomew I, and the Synod of Bishops of the Patriarchate of Constantinople.

  • His Grace Bishop Aretemije, Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raska Prizren, Kosovo.

  • Hieromonk Theodosius Abbot and Hieromonk Sava, the Decani Monastery, Kosovo.

  • His Eminence, Metropolitan Isaiah, Presiding Hierarch of the Greek Orthodox Diocese of Denver.

  • His Grace Bishop Kallistos on behalf of the Friends of Mt. Athos.

  • The Orthodox Peace Fellowship of the Protection of the Mother of God. The Netherlands.

  • Abiding always with the the love of our Lord God Jesus Christ, and through the prayers of St. Sava of Serbia, the Decani Monastery Relief Fund was founded in October 1998, and is a non profit and tax deductible charitable organization, created to assist in humanitarian aide to all the needy people in Kosovo, as well as to assist all of the Serbian Orthodox Churches and Monasteries throughout Kosovo, and giving loving assistance to all citizens.

    The Decani Serbian Orthodox Monastery in Kosovo provides this assistance through the God loving efforts of the Abbot of the monastery: Hieromonk Theodosius, and Hieromonk Sava the secretary to His Grace Vladika (Bishop) Aremitje. Both Father Theodosius and Father Sava provide assistance for food, shelter, water, and further medical assistance. Anyone who needs these provisions or help is provided.

    The Decani Monastery Relief Fund has no expenses in dealing with this fund in America. All funds are received by Father Sava, and letters to this effect are accounted. Both Father Theodosius and Father Sava assure all kind souls who make a donation for this fund are remembered in humble prayer and in thanksgiving to our Lord God.

    All of us have indeed heard about the current situation in Kosovo, as the situation is still very tensed in the region. Citizens within Kosovo continued to be missing and abducted which is over 688, as well as those being killed, and forgotten. Women in Kosovo are in fear of their lives, and raped, as well as reported cases of physical assault, harassment and inflicted grave bodily harm as estimates have it at 416 victims, and still climbing in numbers. Then we have registered number of private dwellings broken into and forcibly taken occupancy. Then we have sieges of towns and villages, and one concentration camp with 3,500 Serbs in Orahovac? Has anyone heard about this and when shall these citizens be free?

    In the campaign of ethnic cleansing following the deployment of KFOR and UNMIK over 350,000 Serbs, Montenegrins, Roma, Muslins, Goranci, Turks and other non-Albanians were expelled from Kosovo and Metohija, of whom 250,000 are Serbs. Many towns within Kosovo are being ethnically cleansed of all Serbs, Roma, Muslims, Goranci and other non-Albanians.

    The destruction of more then eighty Serbian Orthodox churches, and monasteries and cultural monuments have been burned down, demolished or seriously damaged, and some of these churches and monasteries have existed since the early thirteen century. No one it seems has expressed this dismay or have cried out that this continues onward. A book has been recently published with colored photos that would astonish anyone who loves God and His Church! Tears of destruction and complete dishonor to that which is spiritually considered holy to the Serbian Orthodox Christians. In addition more then 10,000 icons and other sacred objects where stolen or destroyed!

    In regards to the book indicated is called: "Crucified Kosovo", as more then 50,000 copies have been published. To obtain a copy of this book please write to:

    Mr. Slavko Panovic
    Serb National Defense Council of America
    5782 North Elston Avenue
    Chicago, IL. 60646-5546

    Telephone: (773) 775-7772
    Fax: (773) 775-7779

    The cost of this book is $10.00 plus $3.00 packaging & handling. Money orders, checks or visa cards are accepted. For more information please email info@snd-us.com.

    The citizens of Kosovo are still in desperate need for food, shelter, and water, as well as further medical attention. One can well imagine these current struggles and hardships in the region of Kosovo, and we humbly turn to you with great Christian love, and through the prayers of St. Sava, for your kind donations to please help in the cause of assisting those who are reaching out for help. Can we well imagine how are the innocent children in Kosovo living, and what provisions are being provided, and what about their education, and their desire to attend school? Let us highly consider the farmer who cannot go out to plant the crop for the season in fear of his life, as well as his family.

    IMPORTANT : Now finally to another matter of great concern for us to please appeal for the property that belongs to the Decani Monastery in the region of Kosovo. Daily threats are at the doors of this Sacred Monastery to take the surrounding grounds away from the monks, and to eventually take the monastery in possession away from the Serbian Orthodox Church, by non Serbian citizens.

    Daily reports have been indicated, and to protect this Sacred Monastery we need to please appeal to the United Nations (UN), and those within the walls who are simply offering prayer, and assisting all citizens in desperate need before the war and after the war. Pray that Mother of God protects this Sacred Monastery, pray, pray, and pray. The threats are constant, and the hour is near when we shall find that if anything happens to this monastery or the loving fathers within it's walls shall indeed be a most sad hour indeed.

    Pray for the protection of the lands, and the Decani Monastery in Kosovo please, and once again I ask you to appeal to the UN to protect this monastery.

    The following donations have been received who indeed expressed a good heart. Our Secretary-Treasurer who has now submitted and up to date report for March, April and May, 2000:

    Decani Monastery Relief Contributions for March, April and May, 2000
    Contributor Name

    253. St. Mary's Greek Orthodox Church, Minnesota
    254. Margaret Stephens
    255. William Powell
    256. David Zethmeyr
    257. Tatiana Cuic
    258. Marko & Milena Kerkez
    259. Fr. Joseph Strzelecki
    260. Margaret Stephens
    261. Circolo Culturale Carlo I A'Absburgo
    262. David Zethmeyr
    263. Caroline & Daniel Monroe
    264. Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Church
    265. Fran Presley
    266. Nikoa Kostich
    267. Carol & N. Kostich
    268. Anonymous Matching Funds OPF (Orthodox Peace Fellowship)
    269. Jerry Louise Bassett
    Total for March, April & May 2000 $2,530.00
    Previous balance as of February 29, 2000 $53,566.83
    Grand Total as of June 2000 : $56,096.83

    We are pleased to report to you that the full amount of these donations has already been delivered to Abbot Theodoius and Father Sava from the Decani Monastery.

    With love in Christ,

    Veljko Sikirica
    10 June 2000

    If you are interested in supporting the Decani Monastery Relief Fund, please send your donation to the following address in America:

    Decani Monastery Relief Fund,
    c/o Veljko Sikirica
    4 West Hill Street
    Baltimore, MD. 21230

    Peace And Good Will Among All Men!

    May our Lord God Bless all the individuals and Churches, as well as organizations which have reached out with great Christian love to support the great needs of those in Kosovo, and may all of your days be blessed with the Right Hand of Our Lord God. Peace be unto your kind souls!

    Thank you and thanks be to our Lord God!

    Humbly Submitted On June 10, 2000

    +Reverend Presbyter Demetrios Serfes,
    President Decani Monastery Relief Fund

    +Hieromonk Sava,
    Vice President Decani Monastery Relief Fund

    Veljko Sikirica,
    Decani Monastery Relief Fund Secretary-Treasurer

    Holy Saint Sava,
    Pray Unto God For Us!

    Holy New Martyr Stefan,
    Pray Unto God For Us!


    Content written/compiled by Father Demetrios Serfes.
    Posted on June 10, 2000
    (c)1999 Father Demetrios Serfes