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Lenten Appeal & Gratitude from Abbot Teodosije
By Abbot Teodosije
Decani Monastery

Visoki Decani Serbian Orthodox Monastery
Decani, 8. March, 2003

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ, dear friends,

We are approaching the blessed time of the Great and Holy Lent in which we will multiply our podvigs and prepare ourselves for the most glorious Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ.

The time of the Great and Holy Lent is a period in which we not only offer more prayers to the Lord, but also show the mercy to those who are in need. The works of charity strengthen our prayers and give them wings to reach the throne of the All Merciful Lord.

With sincere gratitude we remember your assistance to the suffering people in Kosovo and Metohija which we have been receiving from you these last years. Many poor were supported and many children felt again joys of childhood. That is why we feel a profound obligation in front of the Lord to pray for you and ask from Him to grant you His mercy for all your love and concern, for all your donations, your prayers and tears for the suffering people in Kosovo and Metohija.

Sometimes, in our human weakness, we ask ourselves whether we will be able to persevere in this difficult time, preserve our holy sites and keep our people in their ancestral homes. But, through your prayers, charity and brotherly care we feel stronger because we know that we are not alone and that brotherly love is stronger than all temptations and threats which surround us and our people. It is exactly this love which gives us courage to keep carrying our cross despite uncertain and unpredictable future.

We humbly ask the Lord to give all us strength in this blessed Lenten period to intensify our bonds of brotherly love. We kindly appeal on you not to forget your suffering brothers and sisters, refugees and children of Kosovo and Metohija who have passed through another strong and cold winter.

May God bless you all and grant you His ineffable grace for all your love and support.

Abbot Teodosije with his brethren in Christ
Visoki Decani Monastery, Kosovo and Metohija, Serbia

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