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By Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
President of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund USA
January 2007
Boise, Idaho

A Note from the President : Very Reverend Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes

"Let us visit Christ whenever we may; let us care for Him, feed Him, clothe Him, welcome Him, honor him, not only at a meal, as some have done, or by anointing Him, as Mary did, or only ye lending Him a tomb, like Joseph of Arimathaea, or by arranging for His burial, like Nicodemus, who love Christ half-heartedly, or by giving him gold, frankincense and myrrh, like the Magi before all these others. The Lord of all asks for mercy, not sacrifice, and mercy is greater than myriads of fattened lambs. Let us then show Him mercy in the persons of the poor and those who today are lying on the ground, so that when we come to leave this world they may receive us into everlasting dwelling places, in Christ our Lord Himself, to whom be glory for ever and ever. Amen." From St. Gregory of Nazianzen

Beloved in Christ our Lord,

May our Merciful-Lord God always bless you!

Your loving kindness and your great mercy is needed at this hour to help so many people in the regions of Kosovo/Metohija on behalf of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund.

During the last two weeks of September 2006, I was in Kosovo-Metohija on behalf of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund. During the course of my stay in the area both the Dorbi (Good) Bishop Teodosije, and the Respected Hieromonk Andrej and my self went about in the distribution of the funds of the DMRF to many individual families, children, schools, and churches, as well as local monasteries.

In addition to offering of the donations to those in desperate need, I also had the opportunity to work with the diocesan Soup Kitchen that has the blessings of His Grace, Bishop Artemije within his diocese.

While I visited the local soup kitchen I had discovered that more then 300 people arrive for assistance for food and daily offerings of soup and bread. Not only are these individuals helped, but also daily 88 children in a local school are provided with their noon meals, as well as many families in the mountain region of Pristina. What I discovered was the soup kitchen needs a larger oven in order to keep up with the demands and so we are seeking assistance for this oven which in American dollars is $3,000.00 in American dollars. Thanks to a kind donor this oven has been donated.

The second thing I noticed that the soup kitchen needs is a new truck that brings daily to a local school district that provides the noon meal for 88 elementary children, and the abundance of more then 300 families who arrive almost daily for assistance. In addition the soup kitchen also provides many homes and villages with food. The vehicle that the soup kitchen has is not the right one to travel, or it's not to big enough to hold all the necessary food that it delivers throughout the mountain regions. The DMRF would like to assist the soup kitchen to get a second hand truck and in order to purchase this truck is $15,000.00 America dollars. So far we have received $950.00 in donations for the truck, and so we need your help to obtain this truck.

Then again while I was also at the Decani Monastery they where building a new Western Wall to protect the monastery. With the efforts of the Good Bishop Teodosije he has provided local Albanians with employment to finish the wall before the winter months. This particular wall has to be built in order that the monastery has security. The balance of the wall is $30,000.00. Please consider to help with the expenses so that all of the monks at the Decani Monastery will now be safe and sound. As of a few weeks ago the wall has been completed.

The following funds have been set up on behalf of the DMRF, and we are asking that you might consider a donation of your choice in assisting the following:

  • Oven for homeless shelter in Prekovce -donation needed: $3,000.00 (in American funds). We are pleased to now inform you thanks to God this has now been donated. What a blessing!
  • Truck Fund for the use of the Soup Kitchen in in Prekovce to deliver food donation needed $15,000.00 (in American funds). Donations received: $950.00 balance needed: $13,150.00
  • Western wall fund assistance for the Decani Monastery $30,000.00 (in American funds).
  • Children's Fund for clothes, shoes, and winter boots. We are most pleased to report to you that more then two hundred children have been able to have some new shoes for the winter months through the efforts of the fund and volunteers who helped make the shoes -we say Thank you!
  • School Fund for Serbian Schools the DMRF now provides assistance for the following four schools throughout the providence of Kosovo/Metohija which includes school supplies, and firewood to heat their schools.
    i). St. Sava Elementary School in village of Jasenovik that has 32 children.
    ii). Miladin Popovic Elementary School in the village of Bostane with 27 children.
    iii). Branko Radicevic Elementary School in Cernica with 41 children.
    iv). Obradovic Elementary School in Prekovce with 88 children.
  • Decani Monastery Relief Fund Treasure report from Gioia Maria Frahm: June 9 -December 31, 2006

    In June of 2006, the operation of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund was transferred to Boise, Idaho. At that time we opened an account for the Fund at Key Bank in Boise with a beginning balance of $250. I assumed the duties of treasurer. From June 2006 through the end of 2006, the Fund has received donations from the sources listed below:

    Decani Monastery Relief Contributions from June to December
    Contributor Name

    1126 Lois K. Fletcher
    1127 Christopher & Lori Michas
    1128 Luba Fabrycky
    1129 Paul & Phyllis Martinsen
    1130 Dino & Sofia Vlahakis
    1131 Presvytera Ruth Uhl
    1132 Dragan & Marie Stefanovic
    1133 Bobby & Evelyn Vucenovic
    1134 Kevin & Amy Hoger
    1135 Maria Eliades
    1136 Diana G. Theodore-Galetsa
    1137 George & Stella Jatras
    1138 Tammy K. Cremeens
    1139 Elizabeth T. Packer
    1140 Darlene Gakovich
    1141 Mirjana & Rade Petrovic
    1142 Dmitris Younes
    1143 Kathleen Djordjevich
    1144 Ray & Effie Kaufman
    1145 Philoptochos Society
    1146 Kenneth & Maria Worth
    1147 Rev. Bratislav B. Krsic
    1148 Rev. Milan Zobenica
    1149 Robert A. Rither
    1150 Stevan Pirocanac
    1151 Serbian Lodge Rodoljub
    1152 Branko Dobric & Stoianka Yonkova
    1153 Ralph & Charmaine Masterjohn
    1154 Nativity of Christ Greek Orthodox Church
    1155 Fr. Thomas & Presbytera Debora Tomasi
    1156 The Smith Family
    1157 Mr. & Mrs. Kurt Sherry
    1158 Crystal Phillips
    1159 Leo & Angela Bournias
    1160 Branko & F. Caroline Nikolich
    1161 Spring W. Degrado
    1162 Kingsley C. Smith
    1163 Charles & Nancy Warren
    1164 Slavisa Mededovic
    1165 Mary Bouris
    1166 Rev. Anthony & Presbytera Tomaras
    1167 Phillip & Helen Anast
    1168 Mary Kiousis
    1169 Ralph & Charmaine Masterjohn
    1170 Ivan Knezevic, M.D.
    1171 Thomas Kurdonik
    1172 Yasmina Spector
    1173 Charles & Nancy Warren
    1174 Robert & Margita Vunovich
    1175 Mark & Angela McGuire
    1176 Robert & Christine Yannes
    1177 John & Barbara Reeder
    1178 John & Elaine Poulos
    1179 Natalie O. Strintzis
    1180 Pavel & Christine Pirocanac
    1181 Walter & Mila Nolan
    1182 Stevan Pirocanac
    1183 Anthony & Maria Leoveras
    1184 Justin & AnnMarie Bosl
    1185 Kingsley C. Smith
    1186 Donna Moore
    1187 Peter & Sarah Raketic
    1188 Ltc. Steven & Gisela Oluic
    1189 Ivan & Radmila Gorup
    1190 Ms. Darlene Gakovich
    1191 Mileta & Judith Solujich
    1192 Stephan & Kay PappasKatherine
    1193 Vaporis Herron
    1194 Dmitris Younes
    1195 Robert & Elizabeth Fitzgerald
    1196 John & Milica Vukasovich
    1197 Dragan & Marie Stefanovic
    1198 Aaron & Christine Blooding
    1199 Sara V. Ingenito
    1200 Donna Ingenito
    1201 Mark C. Stokrp
    1202 George & Stella Jatras
    1203 John & Christine Heuer
    1204 Justin & AnnMarie Bosl
    1205 Vera S. Wasaca
    1206 Connie Angelos
    1207 George Zarglis
    1208 Robert & Margita Vunovich
    1209 G. Arnold & Patricia Powell
    1210 St. Stephen's Serbian Orthodox Church
    1211 Kingsley C. Smith
    1212 Carrie & Joan Black
    1213 Paul & Angela Papich
    1214 Michael J. Redmond
    1215 SUTRA, Inc.
    1216 Alan B. Haberman
    1217 Dmitris Younes

    In early September, 2006, $17,040 was transferred into the Boise account from the Fund's former account in Washington, D.C. This transfer ended the duties of the Fund's former treasurer, Veljko Sikirica. This amount ($17,040) was included in the grand total of $363,632.94 stated in the June 18th Report.

    Since moving the operation of the Fund to Boise, up to the end of Calendar Year 2006, the DMRF took in an additional $15,683.20, bringing the total received into the Fund as of December 31, 2006 up to $379,316.14. After wiring $28,500 ($18,500 of September 6th, which included the transferred amount of $17,040, and $10,000 on December 27th,) to the DMRF account in Belgrade, paying various bank fees, incorporation expenses, a telephone bill and international transfer charges, and diverting $600 to the Bishop Jovan fund, we ended 2006 with a balance of $2,893.86 in the Key Bank account in Boise.

    (Amounts and donors' names for donations received after the start of 2007 will appear in the next report.)

    Financial Report respectfully submitted January 29th, 2007 by Gioia Maria Frahm

    Humble thanks to each of you for most kindly offering your thoughtful donation to our DMRF. We assure you of our continuing prayers. We especially would like to thank those who send monthly donations on a regular basis, and most pleased that the first Orthodox bishop in America offered his loving donation. And to all the other new donors on our list we say "welcome!"

    The DMRF now has available a DVD: "Days Made of Fear" a documentary film on the Kosovo crisis. If you would like to obtain the DVD please make a donation of $25.00 and write to the address of our fund. The fund also has a new pamphlet: The Beheading of Father Hariton, Monk & the missing Hieromartyr Stefan. Please write to the DMRF to obtain the DVD and pamphlet.

    The DMRF is tax deductible and your donations are mailed from a local bank in Boise, Idaho directly to a bank account in Belgrade, Serbia on behalf of the Decani Monastery account.

    We ask for your continued support for the DMRF and we ask that our Gracious-God always bless you!

    Send your donations to the following address:

    Decani Monastery Relief Fund
    c/o Very Reverend Nektarios Serfes
    2618 West Bannock Street
    Boise, Idaho 83702

    Your donation is tax deductible. If you would also like to have a tax deductible report for your donation, please indicate this when you send in your donation. When you make your donation, please make your check or money order out to the Decani Monastery Relief Fund, NOT to the name of any individual.

    Thank you!

    God love and bless you!

    Peace to your souls!

    Humbly you're Friends in Christ our Lord,

    Your Ever-memorable Brothers and Sisters in Christ our Lord,

    +Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
    President of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund USA

    His Grace, Bishop Teodosije,
    First Vice President, Abbot of the Decani Monastery, & Auxiliary Bishop of the Diocese of Raska and Prizren

    Hieromonk (Father) Sava
    Second Vice President

    Lois Fletcher, Attorney At Law, Secretary
    Gioia-Maria Frahm,

    Douston Rose,
    CPA Advisor

    Holy Saint Sava,
    Pray Unto God For Us!

    Holy New Martyrs Of Serbia,
    Pray To God For Us!