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Church Of The Decani Monastery
Church Of The
Decani Monastery
Decani Monastery Relief Fund Report for January 1999
By Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
January 18, 1999
Boise, Idaho

Dear Friends In Christ our Lord:

Glory Be To God For All Things!

With the joy and the peace of our Lord God I greet you humbly, and I pray all are well.

I am presenting to you with the kind efforts of Veljko Sikirica the current up to date report for the month of January 1999, in regards to the kind souls who have made recent donations for the "Decani Monastery Relief Fund" in Kosovo.

Nothing on this earth warms the soul in knowing several kind souls have offered their loving donations for this "Decani Monastery Relief Fund"!  In caring for the needs that the holy Monastery is offering on behalf of so many desperate people in need of assistance makes the whole mind, heart, and soul "Rejoice in the Lord our God"! This is because your loving concerns and donations has begun to help many souls who are constantly in need.  For what kind of need?  Plastic (can you imagine not cloth) for tents, blankets, food, medical supplies, and wood for heat.  It's severely cold now in Kosovo!

People are trying to return to their loving homes and find nothing but ruins!  People hide in the woods from the terror of it's horrific times of war and destruction!  People are now turning to the Serbian Orthodox Decani Monastery for desperate assistance for not only themselves, but also for their friends, and families!  The children are cold, and the elderly as well! Wood is needed for these cold days and the holy Monastery wants to help with this assistance. The current goal is to help 100 families altogether which is about 5,000 souls. It cost $150.00 for wood for each family which would last throughout these current winter months. The holy Monastery wants to give some food, and a warm blankets!  The holy Monastery wants to give further assistance in medical supplies!  Can we well imagine the outrageous cost in a time of turmoil in Kosovo?

The Decani Monastery wants to keep it's doors open for the many desperate in need of assistance.  Won't you please too with kindness help in further assistance, as I have appealed to you most humbly in November, then December, and now I do so again in January of 1999.  Please support this "Decani Monastery Relief Fund" with your love and kind donations.  Please also offer your God Loving prayers for these suffering souls!

Let all good loving Christian souls be at peace within themselves in knowing we help bring some warmth, and assistance in those who are in desperate need of our love and our concerns.

Our loving concerns, has been to create the "Decani Monastery Relief Fund", which has no particular preferences, compromises or agendas. What is the main concern now today is helping desperate souls in so many needs!  There is only one goal, and that is to reach across and extend our Faith and strong belief that only by giving we will make a difference. By giving without asking anything in return, giving without conditions.  If only we all would come upfront and propose how we can help to achieve peace, how much love we can share, probably the problems would vanish.

Some of these problems have begun to vanish, thanks to the following kind souls who have assisted in giving their loving donations, and have opened up their great Christian hearts! God Love and Bless these good souls always!  We humbly thank you with much Christian joy!

I am most pleased and joyous to report to you that up to this hour we have received $6,360.00.  More then half of these donations received have been presented in person to Hieromonk Sava at the Decani Monastery in Kosovo for those in desperate need. The rest shall be giving to Father Sava very shortly.

Allow me humbly to thank you, as well as on behalf of Veljko Sikirica, and to the Brotherhood of Decani Monastery and it's Abbot Theodosius, and His Grace Vladika (Bishop) Artemije:

The sisters and brothers of St. Elizabeth's Orthodox Church from Somerville, N.J.
48.    Dr. Daniel F. Lieuwen
49.    David, Priest
50.    Emilie
51.    Anna
52.    Katherine
53.    Juliana
54.    Nicholas
55.    Patrick, Starotsa
56.    Gabrielle
57.    Gregory
58.    Claudia
59.    Elizabeth
60.    Michael
61.    Elizabeth
62.    Protection of the Virgin Orthodox Church, Santa Rosa, Ca.
63.    Paul Adams, Jr.
64.    Carol L. Adams
65.    Mimi Maria Cuciureanu
66.    Bob Vunovich
68.    Lela Tepavac
69.    Predrag P. Pajic
70.    Nicholas M. Damascus
71.    Mary N. Damacus
72.    Gordana Balac
73.    Michael Decerbo
74.    Lord Hylton

May our Lord God Bless all these good hearts!

We send gratitude in the name of all families that have benefited from your loving donations.

Thank you for your support and donations!

Peace be unto your souls!

With The Love of Christ Our True God,

Humbly Submitted by:
Reverend Presbyter Demetrios Serfes
Boise, Idaho
and Veljko Sikirica
Bethesda, MD.
January 1999

Please kindly send your donations to:

Decani Monastery Relief Fund
C/O Veljko Sikirica
5518 Massachusetts Ave.
Bethesda, MD.  20816

For previous reports on the donations of the "Decani Monastery Relief Fund":

To access to the Decani Monastery in Kosovo please visit http://www.decani.yunet.com.

Holy Saint Sava,
Pray Unto God For Us!


Content written/compiled by Father Nektarios Serfes.
(c) Father Nektarios Serfes