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Decani Monastery Relief Fund Report for January - March 2002
By Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
April 2002
Holy Great Lent
Boise, Idaho

Beloved Friends In Christ Our Lord,

A blessed Great Lent!

Peace to your souls!

Glory to God for all things! We give you humble thanks for your kind loving support in sending your thoughtful donations to the Decani Monastery Relief Fund, we humbly give thanks and offer Glory to our God, as well as assure each of you our loving prayers. May also St. Sava pray for you.

Many of you have indeed helped the Decani Fund, and lifted up your hands in prayer with us, and we thank God that you have not forgotten the much suffering souls in Kosovo and Metohija, you have now reached the summit of heaven, and you have also lifted not your hearts in vain, nor your gracious prayers.

The situation in the region of Kosovo and Metohija continues to be a matter of our great concern especially among the Serbian Orthodox Christians, and constantly we are receiving reports about the destruction of the Serbian Orthodox Churches, and cemeteries, please click here to view information and photos at the provided by the Decani Monastery. Just this past week we have learned about one dozen gravestones were destroyed in the village of Vica, municipality of Stpce, unknown persons, the local Orthodox priest Father Zivojin Kojic told Beta. The words found on these gravestones where "UCK" on them, the Albanian language for the officially disbanded Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA). This information had been provided to us by the Decani Monastery and sent by Hieromonk (Father) Sava, who lives at the monastery.

We are now constantly hearing reports about Serb homes being set fire, and in particular a report has reached us in Orahovac that on April 7th, a home owned by a Serb man, Predgrag Matic, was under protection by the peace-keeping forces went unnoticed. The matter of burning this home was to make sure that all Serbs leave the area and in particular in the region of Orhaovac, as this has become the situation as of late throughout the regions of Kosovo and Metohija, every Serb is at risk for his or her life, and as well as for their property.

Peace and good will among all men in these regions does not exist as of this day, and many people, men, women, and children, who are especially of the Serbian Orthodox Christian faith. We have many people who are simply freezing in the middle of night when the temperatures drop below freezing, and then again we have many people who simply do not have enough of food, and when they seek assistance for food they are told to return back to their homes, or their tents, or their caves.

The Decani Monastery Relief fund continues to do anything and everything they can to assist the great needs of these much suffering and struggling souls, at every opportunity the fathers of the Decani Monastery reach out to make sure that many people do get assistance, whether it be men, women, or children, and no matter who they may be, or religious background, every soul and every person is assisted. What a great Christian act of love and concern for others who truly still need our help and assistance. Let us please consider when the fathers of the Decani Monastery leave to go about in helping those who need help, the fathers at the monastery pray they will return safe and unharmed, as if our Lord God, and the Mother of God seems to protect them all by His grace.

gravesite of St. Justin Popovic in Celiije
At gravesite of St. Justin Popovic in Celiije (Cheliye) Monastery, Serbia. (Far left to right) Veljko Sikirica, next His Grace Bishop Areteimije of Kosovo and Metohija, next Decani Monastery Abbott Teodosije, and next to the Abbott is Vanja Sikirica, December 16, 2002
For further insight of the present situation in the regions of Kosovo and Metohija, in which the Decani monastery and the monks live after three years after the end of the war, read a interview from Archimandrite Teodosije. Also read an interview by Father Sava.

We have as of February 2002, set up a Children's Relief Campaign, and we ask you please access to this information here and remember the precious children who are overjoyed in knowing someone cares about them, and hears their prayers, and tears. Let us please do not forget the children in Kosovo and Metohija. What a blessed hour it is when the children see the pious monk Father Sava coming to them with other monks in offering assistance to them with either with food or school supplies. Then a little while later comes Archimandrite Teodosije and some more monks with more supplies and food to comfort the children, and they sit with them and pray with them as well.

Please we ask you do not forget that communication that the Decani Monastery uses and this is a matter of great importance to keep in touch with the monastery, and so we ask you to please support the Satellite Internet Fund, as this is the only internet service available within the region of the monastery.

Let us not forget please the elderly, as no assistance is ever provided by no one but you, and the Decani Monastery has made sure that the elderly of these said regions do get help and assistance, as often we will find Archimandrite Teodosije at their door steps with food and provisions, indeed what a blessed hour when the elderly see this pious monk.

Now we would like to humbly submit for your consideration the Decani Monastery Relief Fund Report for January-March 2002 from our Secretary-Treasurer Veljko Sikirica:

Decani Monastery Relief Contributions for January 2002 - March 2002
Contributor Name

Children's Relief Campaign:
508 Mirko Sikirica the newly departed in the Lord, IDB Families Bahamas
509 Serbian kolo group, KUD "ASKA"
Children's Relief Campaign: Sub-total $205.00
Grandmothers from Djakovica:
510 Holy Resurrection Serbian Orthodox Skete
511 Barry & Christine Stavrou
Grandmothers from Djakovica: Sub-total $130.00
Fire-wood Fund
512 Curtis Magnuson
513 Edward & Carol Tkach Gabl
Fire-wood Fund: Sub-total $150.00
Satellite Internet Fund For the Decani Monastery
514 St. Nektarios Orthodox Church
Satellite Internet Fund For the Decani Monastery: Sub-total $400.00
General Needs
515 Bennie & Kimbarly Pandorf
516 Michael & Mary Orlando
517 George and Chrisanthy Bambalis
518 Mark Charonis
519 Steve Kelsch
520 Daniel & Katherine Larison
521 St. Nicholas Orthodox Church/Blagoje Siljegovic
522 St. Nicholas Orthodox Church
523 Steven Mojsovksi
524 H. Garen
525 David Binder
526 Bruce & Christie McLeester
527 Stanislava Zivic in memory Damjan Boskovic student
528 John Kaptetan
529 John & Tera Dimitry Kapetan
530 Paul Ecimovic in memory of Damjan Boskovic student
531 Protodeacon Alexis Bona & Armando Bona
532 Dorothy E. McCue
533 Arnest Jordanoglou
534 John & Aaron Wall
535 Carol & Richard Eatough
536 Ted & Helen Padadeas
537 Connie L. Russo
538 St. John of Kronstadt Orthodox Mission
539 Diane Rusakis
540 St. Luke Orthodox Church
541 Timothy Owen Mills
542 SS. Constantine & Helen Orthodox Church
543 Alexander & Lisa Lind
544 Vera Cuic
545 Eddie & Nancy Manthos
546 All Saints of America Antiochian Orthodox Mission
547 Nicholas P. Nitis
General Needs Sub-total $5, 368.00
Total for January, February and March 2002 $6,253.00
Previous balance up to December 31, 2001 $99,099.38
Grand Total as of March 31, 2002 : $105,352.38

Humbly submitted on April 8, 2002 by

Veljko Sikirica

Your honorable donation has helped a great deal to those who still need our Christ-loving assistance on behalf of the Decani Monastery, who in return will reach out to help so many people in the regions of Kosovo and Metohija. Your affectionate donation is shown to our Lord God and Saviour Jesus Christ, and our Lord taught us to offer this in all simplicity and innocence (St. Matthew 5:23, 24).

On behalf of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund we give you good servants and handmaidens of our Lord, deep humble thanks. We also thank the many organizations that have offered their kind help, as well as the churches and sketes.

We shall offer this treasury to all those who need help and assistance, and bring greater hope, as well as a cheerful hour to those who will but only be rewarded from your great Christian love!

Thank you humbly and thanks to God for all things!

If you would like to make a donation of your choice to the Decani Monastery Relief Fund please send it to the following address:
Decani Monastery Relief Fund
c/o Veljko Sikirica
4 West Hill Street
Baltimore, MD 21230
If you would also like to have a tax deductible report for your donation, please click here.

God love and bless you, and may you behold a Glorious and Holy Pascha!

Your Venerable Brothers In Christ Our Lord,

++Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
President of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund,
++Archimandrite Teodosije & Hieromonk (Father) Sava
Vice President,
Veljko Sikirica
Secretary Treasurer

Holy Saint Sava,
Pray Unto God For Us!


Content written/compiled by Father Demetrios Serfes.
(c)2002 Father Demetrios Serfes