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An Appeal on behalf of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund

+Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes,
President of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund USA

Beloved in Christ our Lord,

May the great peace and love of our Lord God always be with you!

The Decani Monastery Relief Fund continues to need your kind assistance for humanitarian aid to those still struggling to survive in the region of Kosovo/Metohija.

The nights grow colder in this region and already snow has been seen in the mountains. Soon the full impact of the notoriously harsh Balkan winter will be felt by all who live in the area. Because of continuing scarcities and homes left damaged and poorly furnished due to the legacy of war, many people will again go hungry and will suffer exposure to freezing temperatures. Again, children and the elderly --those most vulnerable-- will especially suffer. We must continue to assist these individuals and families with needed firewood and food; they desperately need these basics just to survive from day to day.

The Decani Fund must also continue its support of four schools in the region, thus enabling them to heat the classrooms and provide afternoon meals for the children.

The Fund must also continue to support the Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Pristina and His Grace, Bishop Artemije in the effort to supply homeless shelters in the area. Local families who have lost their homes or who have completely run out of food or resources to obtain food have only these as a last resort to assure their own survival. Two homeless shelters now exist within the diocese. These shelters provide bread and soup three times a week. One shelter has opened a bakery; in order to keep this bakery operating, they need an ongoing supply of flour and firewood. Four- to five-hundred families rely on the thrice weekly distribution of bread.

His Grace, Bishop Teodosije the Abbot and Auxiliary bishop, along with some of the monks from the De?ani Monastery, utilize your donations to distribute material aid and financial assistance throughout the region of Kosovo/Metohija. We, along with the people of the region, thank you immeasurably for your great kindness, your Christian love, and your humanitarian concern. Without your generosity, the lives of these long-suffering victims of war and ongoing sectarian strife would be even more precarious than they now are!

Please, let us continue to work together on behalf of the De?ani Fund to help the desperately needy people of Kosovo/Metohija. I would like to share with you what Elder Joseph, the Hesychast of Holy Mt. Athos, said about helping others: "...Send your treasures to the heavenly storage room. Deposit your wealth in God's Bank, distributing it to the poor, the orphans and the widows, so that you can receive a million times more in the Second coming of Christ..."

Truly, the wealth of this world is transitory; all material gain is fleeting. Only that which is shared endures and only that which is freely given is rewarded by our heavenly Father Who Himself gave us everything for our eternal salvation.

Please send your donation to the following address:

Decani Monastery Relief Fund
c/o Very Reverend Nektarios Serfes
2618 West Bannock Street
Boise, Idaho 83702

Thank you and God bless you for your gracious love and kindness!

Peace to your soul!

Humbly in Christ our Lord,
+Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
Father Nektarios Serfes
Telephone Parish Office: 208-345-6147

+ His Grace, Bishop Teodosije
Abbot of the Decani Monastery & First Vice President

+ Hieromonk Sava
Second Vice President

Lois Fletcher
Secretary Treasurer

Gioia Maria Frahm
Secretary Treasurer

Who all pray for you!