Father Demetrios Serfes - Missionary Support
by Reverend Presbyter Demetrios Serfes
President of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund
11:00 PM
29 February 2000
Boise, Idaho
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Church Of The Decani Monastery
Church Of The
Decani Monastery

My Dear Friends In Christ Our Lord Jesus Christ,


Please kindly read the attached report from Hieromonk Sava of the Decani Monastery.

Please also send this message and attached to others...

Peace Be Unto Your Souls And God Bless You!

Must very sadly and with a very heavy heart report to you that on Sunday, February 27, at 20:30 six mortars were fired on Decani Monastery in Kosovo. These explosions where within the monastery garden area and 30 meters from the Sacred Monastery Church and the buildings of the Fathers Monastery and those who are currently in residence for needed assistance.

The Italian soldiers (who are now protecting the Holy Decani Monastery) and monks are most saddened by this recent attack. The firing of these mortars fired upon the Decani Monastery on Sunday night was done by local Albanian extremists. This report comes currently from Hieromonk Sava who is now traveling with Vladika Aretemije in America, and are both calling for more awareness of the grievous situation in Kosovo at this hour. Father Sava forwarded the email below to me with this information this evening 29 March 2000 at 10:35 pm.

Only yesterday I reported to you that 80 Serbian Orthodox Churches and Monasteries have been destroyed and now with a heavy heart tell you that the Decani Monastery at this present hour is in jeopardy. Most Holy Mother Of God, Protect This Holy Monastery. How can anyone attack a Sacred Monastery especially now the Decani Monastery in Kosovo, where innocent monks are offering prayer, and at the same time assisting all those who are in need of food, shelter, and further medical attention?

This same God loving Monastery in Decani, Kosovo who have reached out to thousands upon thousands of souls that need food, blankets, wood, tents, and assistance for shelter, as well as further medical attention. We all need to ask these question and make further appeals for peace and good will among all men in Kosovo, and if we have never done so in the past begin I piously pray and humbly ask you. This is our Christian duty, and our Christian hope that with having faith in our Lord God peace and good will should and can prevail in Kosovo with your loving voices with action.

Act with Christian love and concern please now upon this hour and the next hour. How can anyone destroy a Church a sacred consecrated Church for our Lord God and for those who desire to pray?

How many more Churches shall fall?
How many more Monasteries shall fall and be threatened?
How many more innocent citizens shall fall?
How many more innocent citizens shall be found missing?
How many more innocent souls shall we find slaughtered?
How many more children shall have to run for their lives, and live in fear hour by hour?

Who is concerned about the innocent children and youth in Kosovo?
How many more widowed women shall constantly suffer from the lack of proper shelter and daily food?
How many more farmers shall run for their lives?
How many more innocent people shall be found running for their lives?
How many more priest shall be martyred as was Hieromonk Stefan after the war?
How many doctors shall fall to the ground, and those who have to leave Kosovo in fear of their lives?

Who shall take care of the sick and the suffering at this hour in Kosovo?
Where are the doctors and the nurses from the free world?
How many nurses, and teachers shall we find gone?
How many more days shall we wait for protection of all peoples and all citizens of Kosovo?
How many more prayers shall we offer?

We pray unceasingly!

We pray for all on behalf of all and for all!

And we forgive those who persecute us and take away our only processions, but cannot take away our love for our Lord God. We shall continue to pray, pray, and pray to our Lord God to be merciful for all peoples in Kosovo.

Cry with me on the floor in prostration this evening, and again on the next day, and the day after that peace and good will prevails in Kosovo, and that those who love peace, and good will among all men, shall hear our voices in the wilderness.

Ask all free people to join with us in this loving cause of bringing more understanding and good will in Kosovo. Appeal that the President of Yugoslavia should step down, and and leave the area at this hour.

Pray for those who hate us, and to learn that we love all no matter who they are and whatever background they may come from in Kosovo. Pray for all men, women, and children, as well as the God loving Patriarch, the man of peace and God loving Vladika Aretemije, and Hieromonk Sava. Pray please with all your heart, mind, and soul for the God loving Abbot of the Decani Monastery Abbot Theodosy, and the God loving Fathers at this monastery and all those within these sacred walls of prayer. Pray that the next or the next we shall hear that more then 90 churches and monasteries destroyed in Kosovo? Less Churches and Monasteries where destroyed during the Ottoman occupation, then the peace keeping times in Kosovo.

Below is the e-mail that was sent by Fr. Sava

 ----- Original Message -----
 From: "Fr. Sava"  decani@EUnet.yu
 To: "Kosovo Daily News" decani@makelist.com
 Sent: Tuesday, February 29, 2000 10:00 PM
 Subject: ERP Attacks On Serb Civilians and their Churches in Kosovo Continued


Attacks on  Serb civilians and their Churches in Kosovo Continued

Gracanica Monastery, March 1, 2000

In the last several days the anti-Serb ethnic violence in Kosovo has
dramatically increased. We are constantly receiving reports from the
ground on various acts of violence, harassments, threats and murders.

On Sunday, Feb 27, at 20.30 six mortars were fired on the Visoki Decani
Monastery. They fell and exploded in the monastery garden, thirty meters
south from the Monastery church built in 1327. The mortars exploded in
the very vicinity of the Italian KFOR checkpoint. This heinous attack on
the only remaining Serb community in the area has greatly disturbed the
brotherhood and the Italian soldiers. The monastery was threatened many
times so far by the local Albanian extremists who want to destroy this
Medieval Christian shrine as well as more than 80 other Orthodox
churches destroyed after the end of the war. The attack occurred on the
eve of the Albanian celebration of the founding of KLA.

On Friday, Feb 25, the Serbian Orthodox priests from Gnjilane confirmed
that exactly at 20.00 unknown assailants threw a grenade on the Western
portal of the Serb Orthodox cathedral of St. Nicholas. The explosion
damaged the improvised tent under which Serb elementary school children
attend lessons because they are not allowed by local Albanians to go to
a regular school. The entrance of the church and the tent were damaged
in this attack.

On Saturday, Feb 26, around at 8.00 in the morning a respected Serb
doctor gynecologist JOSIF VASIC (38) was shot in Gnjilane. Unknown
assailants shot four hits on Vasic who died soon after. At the end of
January 2000 a Serb woman MITRA VASIC from the Klobukar village near
Gnjilane was killed by Albanian extremists. She was slaughtered and
stabbed by a sharp pole while her house with her body were set on fire.

The Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Raska and Prizren is outraged by such an
escalation of ethnic violence against the remaining Kosovo Serbs in the
Province. These attacks unfortunately prove that Kosovo is still a
lawless place and that the goal of the ethnic Albanian extremists
remains to ethnically cleanse the southern Serbia's province and drive
all remaining Serbs and non-Albanians out of Kosovo.

It is more than 8 months that such crimes are being carried by ethnic
Albanians with impunity in the presence of the international
peacekeepers and the UN mission.

In the same time Albanian extremist press published in Pristina is
strongly attacking Bishop Artemije. In his editorial, Skender Buçpapaj,
editor-in-chief of Bota Sot newspaper openly violated Dr. Kouchner's
regulation on hate speech and spilled out all kinds of lies and insults
on the Serb Orthodox hierarch. On the other hand extremist Serb media
from Belgrade continue with their accusations that the Serbian Orthodox
Church with Bishop Artemije has betrayed the Serbian people. Such
attacks in extremist media clearly demonstrate that the moderate
position of Bishop Artemije and the Serb National Council to which late
Dr. Vasic belonged too is branded as the most serious enemy of
extremists on both sides.



Serbian Orthodox Diocese of Kosovo and Metohija
Gracanica Monastery, Pristina,
Kosovo and Metohija



Latest News from Kosovo - KOSOVO DAILY NEWS (KDN)

Pray and appeal with love for peace and good will among all men. Through prayer and love we shall accomplish much more then I could with tearful eyes email you at this time, I humbly join with you in this God loving prayer.

Thank you most humbly good loving souls of our Lord God!

Peace be unto your loving soul!

Your Friend In Christ Our Lord,
+ Reverend Presbyter Demetrios Serfes
Who prays for you and with you!
President of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund

If you need further information on the Decani Monastery Relief Fund, please e-mail father@fr-d-serfes.org

Holy Saint Sava,
Pray Unto God For Us!

Holy New Martyr Stefan,
Pray Unto God For Us!


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