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Appeal From Archimandrite Nektarios (Serfes) And Archimandrite Teodosije For The Decani Monastery Relief Fund
By Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
President of the Decani Monastery Relief Fund USA
Boise, Idaho
November 30, 2001
Feast Of The Apostle Andrew

The Decani Monastery Relief Fund is a non-profit organization. For more information please click here

The Decani Monastery Relief Fund Was Established in October 1998

Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
(Boise, Idaho)
Vice President:
Hieromonk Sava (Decani Monastery, Kosovo)
Secretary & Treasurer:
Veljko Sikirica (Baltimore, Maryland)
Our Patron Saint is
St. Sava of Serbia!

Dear Friends In Christ Our Lord,

May Our Benevolent Lord Bless You Always!

A name change for Rev. Presbtyer Demetrios Serfes, to now: Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes, effective November 3-4, 2001.

Humbly I ask that you read this letter addressed from Abbot Teodosije (Theodosius), from the Decani Monastery in Kosovo, at the same time please remember all those who continue to suffer as well as struggle throughout the regions of Kosovo, and Metohija.

The matter presented by Archimandrite Teodosije is important for us all to please reach out to support those who still need our loving assistance in supporting the Decani Monastery Relief Fund, and not to forget that when doing so, the fathers of the monastery remember you humbly in prayer. Please see the letter from Abbot Teodosije at the end of this text.

The fact that the Serbian Orthodox Christians at this time cannot travel to their own parishes to pray, as they must be protected even to go on the streets, or even attend a funeral, or even help provide them with obtaining the necessary food, or even visit their own family members or relatives.

Lets keep in mind that more then 108 Serbian Orthodox Churches and monasteries have been destroyed after the war in Kosovo. Serbian Orthodox priest cannot even travel without fear of their lives, and need protection. This indeed has impacted the lives of all the citizens throughout the regions of Kosovo and Metohija. The possible hope of peace and good will among all men in these regions can happen, and it will take it seems more time, and as well as our awareness of these inner problems that continue to exist, we have hope, and we have faith that indeed everyone will be able to live as free citizens.

Nothing is ever so important to remember the youth, and the children of the regions, one can well imagine how this has effected these innocent children and youth of Kosovo and Metohija! We have children who cannot attend school, or do not have proper nourishment! We ourselves have seen what happens to a child when they do not get or have food on a frequent basis!

We have more then ten thousand people within the regions of Kosovo and Metohija, who simply do not have proper shelter, as their homes have not been repaired, especially after the war. It has well indicated it will take almost ten years to repair these homes! Then again sadly enough we have learned that when a home is destroyed that simply belongs to a Serbian citizen, it's rebuilt, and then destroyed again a second time! This is the same manner about the Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries, we have accounts that on several occasions they are blown up a second time, just so one can say a church or monastery did not exist in the area, or that these churches or monasteries cannot be rebuilt! Where are the voices to these truthful accounts, hardly do we hear one word or any appeals that these churches and monasteries must be rebuilt, and that all Serbian Orthodox churches and monasteries have the right to exist in these regions! This might be the situation in the regions of Belgrade, but not within the regions of Kosovo and Metohija! Why?

The Serbian Orthodox Christians seem to be crucified on a cross right before our eyes, and we must appeal that every citizen, and every soul that live in these regions certainly have the right to live!

Nothing is ever so important for us all then to bring to the attention to the free world, what must cease now in Kosovo and Metohija, is further looting, desecration of individual homes, churches, and monasteries, missing and kidnapped children, and the destruction of Serbian Orthodox cemeteries! Even those who have reposed in the Lord, has been gravely disrespected! The land of these cemeteries has now become not the property of the Church, but those who do not own this land in the first place! Why?

We cannot allow peace and good will among all men in these regions to simply shatter away, but that we must bring about ways and means to learn that all people can live as free people, and that every soul has the right to prevail in Kosovo and Metohija! This well includes to faith of the Serbian Orthodox Christians! Holy Orthodoxy has the right to prevail in the land of Kosovo and Metohija, as Orthodoxy did not suddenly appear, it has existed for centuries in these regions! Let Holy Orthodox prevail in Kosovo, and Metohija!

We find checkpoints currently throughout these regions, including the Patriachate of His Holiness Patriarch Pavel, which is located in Pec, Kosovo, and then again we have constant Italian tanks supporting the protection of the Decani Monastery. We certainly honor those who have protected this monastery, and those who certainly respect all religions of these regions! Every religion has the right to prevail, whether it be the Christian faith, or any other religion!

Then again we have a constant wave of many missing children and youth in Kosovo and Metohija! What has been this hope as of late is that the names of these missing individuals has come to light, these names are constantly being called out by the families who have not seen these children or youth since the time of the war, and after the war! Please click here for more information.

We must humbly appeal where are these missing children?

Please we cry out and do not forget Kosovo and Metohija! Appeal for all those who love peace, and all those who know that brotherhood and good will can surely exist, and constantly appeal out in concern that this peace does not at this time shatter before our eyes! Open up your hearts please, we humbly call out to you, help support the Decani Monastery Relief Fund, and let us warm our love with our prayers as well as support for this fund. What a blessing this would be for those who really need us at this time! Not one person is turned away because of their religion!

Please take the time to read this loving appeal from Abbot Teodosije, and the fathers of the Decani Monastery who desire to offer help and assistance.

Thank you for being so helpful, and may our Lord God reward you for this kindness!

Peace and good will among all men, and peace be to your kind soul!

Your Friend In Christ Our Lord,

+Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
Who prays for you and with you!

Appeal From Archimandrite Theodosius, Decani Monastery
by Abbot Teodosije (Archimandrite Theodosius)
November 2001

Visoki Decani
Serbian Orthodox Monastery
Phone: +377 44 158 326
E-mail: decani@web-sat.com

Decani, November 27, 2001

Dear Donors, Brothers and Sisters,

Greetings in the Lord!

It has been three years since we began gathering donations for the suffering people in Kosovo and Metohija through our Decani Monastery Relief Fund. These were three years of continual efforts of our dear in Christ: The Very Rev. Archimandrite Nektarios (Serfes), and our brother Veljko Sikirica, as well as all of you who have provided our monastery with necessary funds in order to support those who suffer.

Although we have managed to ease the lives of many the situation in Kosovo, and refugee camps in Serbia nevertheless remains grave. Many people still need our assistance especially now during the harsh Balkan winter. Almost every day someone asks our support to buy food, wood to keep warm, proper shelter, pay for education of their children, medical treatment and many other needs.

We know that there are still many people who have not heard of the suffering people in Kosovo and Metohija, but would like to help those in need. Therefore we kindly ask you to spread the information about our Decani Monastery Relief Fund, and tell them that many poor Christians await help from their brothers and sisters all over the world. What a great joy was for us when little children from Welsley, Utah, Elementary school learned about us from the Internet and sent their aid. Those who cannot help with money they can still do much with their prayers which we need most of all. For us it is most important that what you send comes from the sincere and loving heart.

I am taking this opportunity to express our gratitude for all your love and concern for our people and our brotherhood. May the Merciful Lord, through the prayers of our patron Saint King Stefan of Decani, grant you His abundant mercy and love.

You can send your donations to the following address please:

Decani Monastery Relief Fund
c/o Veljko Sikirica
4 West Hill Street
Baltimore, MD 21230

In Christ Jesus

Abbot Teodosije
with my brethren in Christ

For further information about the Decani Monastery in Kosovo please visit http://www.decani.yunet.com

Content written/compiled by Father Nektarios Serfes.
(c)2001 Father Nektarios Serfes