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Thank you letter from Archbishop Jovan of Ohrid & Skopje
The Archbishop Jovan Fund USA : A 21st Century Confessor

2/23 Kocanska St. BITOLA 7000
Tel. +389 47 293515 Fax +389 47 203878
e-mail: arhiepohrid@mt.net.mk

Protocol No. 139 dated from 05 June 2007

the Founders of the "Archbishop Jovan Fund":
the Very Reverend Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes
the Very reverend Protopresbyter Victor Potapov
the Reverend Hieromonk Damascene of the St. Herman Brotherhood - Platina
and all those who help this fund in America

Beloved in the Lord, fathers, brothers and sisters,

With a sight belatedness since our release from prison we wish to officially thank your God-loving selves for what you have done, and for what you are still doing for our most holy Ohrid Archbishopric, both during our second incarceration in the prison in Skopje, after a politically motivated court proceeding, and now.

With this letter, before all, I would like to thank the founder and organizers of the Archbishop Jovan Fund, the Very Reverend Archimandrite Nektarios Serfes, the Very Reverend Protopresbyter Victor Potapov and the Reverend Hieromonk Damascene from the St. Herman Brotherhood, but we would also like to thank all those who, either from their surplus, or from their shortage, materially aided our Church. Ever since the earliest times, the Church has economized properly with its property and the wealthier always supported the needy. This is also reflected in our times, today when a politically persecuted and terrorized Church needs to be helped.

We may say with certainty that it is a highly conscientious and firmly built this Christian faith that knows how to be responsible for the whole of the Church, regardless of the part of the world it is situated in. The Church is one, just as our Lord is one, just as we serve one liturgy for each and for all. Thus, through aiding the needy one partakes in the building of the whole of the Church, for it is one, gathered in one body, so my brother's surplus is so that it may add to my shortage, but the need of the one in shortage is my obligation and my concern.

This great care for our most holy Archbishopric was shown by you fathers, founders and establishers of the Archbishop Jovan Fund, and yet, the love of those who gave contribution to this fund is not lesser, whether they gave from their surplus or from their shortage.

The Ohrid Archbishopric is momentarily with a very modest estate. Five years ago, when our Church entered the liturgical and canonical unity with the Serbian Orthodox Church we, at the time still Metropolitan of Veles and the Vardar Valley, were expelled from our residence, the government of the Republic of Macedonia confiscated all our temples and monasteries, and the monks and nuns were evicted on the street. These holy places are now usurped by the schismatics in the Republic of Macedonia, who, unlawfully, with the support of the government, manage them. We, on the other hand, are in such a position that we need to do service in private houses and apartments, but very often, because there is not enough room, we have to do service under the open sky.

Our pious people saves and refrains from even the most necessary things, just to collect money and build a temple. This is why, this help collected in the Archbishop Jovan Fund is very meaningful. First of all, because it is a product of the unity of the Church, of your love and of your care, but, also, because it takes a burden of our needs.

With hope that you will remember us and our needs, we heartily embrace you in our Lord, and we thank you for the contribution of your love, may it be multiplied by God, we pray to God so that He will give you His grace, which is eternal and abundant.

Archbishop and Metropolitan

+ Jovan of Ohrid and Skopje