father demetrios serfes - 25th anniversary of fr. demetrios holy priesthood
25th anniversary of fr. demetrios holy priesthood
by raymon david
october 3, boise id

father demetrios serfes,
presenting certificates for sunday school graduation

peace of god be with you!

i am honored to announce that is the 25th anniversary of reverend presbyter demetrios serfes commitment to the priesthood.

fr. demetrios has been serving as parish priest of ss. constantine & helen greek orthodox church in boise, idaho. he was ordained to the holy priesthood on october 3, 1976.

god has blessed fr. demetrios with the energy and effort in all his involvement in various efforts to bring the love of christ into this world. from his internet ministry to helping the poor (and various other efforts), fr. demetrios has been steadfast in seeing to the needs of others (at times before his very own needs).

fr. demetrios initial meeting with me was definitely the work of god. the story of our meeting (ask him about it) was one of the events in my life that i can see how god uses ordinary people to do his work. since the conception of this website in 1997, fr. demetrios has worked hard in building the contents of this website. i do not know of many others who have dedicated themselves to an "internet" ministry. he is truly a leader in this area.

unfortunately i do not know of all the history of fr. demetrios priesthood to describe the milestones, achievements and struggles in the last 25 years.

what i do know is that father is a man with passion for christ. his words and prayers are there for anyone who needs it. he has always tried to help people who are in despair or in need, by prayer or by his actions. what a blessing it is to have a priest who truly cares for the people. holy scriptures states "take heed to yourselves and to all the flock, in which the holy spirit has made you overseers, to care for the church of god which he obtained with the blood of his own son" (acts 20:28.20). truly, fr. demetrios has taken this scripture to heart and lives by it!

i pray that you will continue to support fr. demetrios in his ministries. pray for his health and peace of heart, as he progress forward in his ministry.

pray for fr. demetrios as he prays for you.

thank you

raymon david

may god love and bless you all!

glory be to god for all things!

content written by raymon david.
(c)2000 father demetrios serfes